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Nuclear power plants (NPPs)


PGA, for operational/safe shutdown exceedance levels


Awareness of shaking at global NPPs for External Event Notification System at ISSC in Vienna


Fully operational (not-structure dependent)

Contact Info

Nebi Bekiri, ISSC Vienna



The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) partnered with the USGS and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to develop Nuclear ShakeCast, a tool used to monitor peak ground acceleration at nuclear power plants (NPPs) across the globe. With Nuclear ShakeCast in place, nuclear facilities can be monitored remotely from the International Seismic Safety Centre (ISSC) in Vienna to enforce operational and safe-shutdown exceedance levels. From the ISSC, potential-damage notifications and assessment maps can be sent out in real time as part of the External Events Notification System.

Building on software developed by Caltrans, ShakeCast was used extensively in Japan by the IAEA following the March 2011 M9.0 earthquake. In addition to rapid notification and shaking estimates at all Japanese NPPs for the mainshock, Nuclear ShakeCast notified the IAEA when any of the nearly 100 ≥M6.0 aftershocks were nearby and shallow enough to be of concern.

Since the events in Japan, the Nuclear ShakeCast monitoring network has been expanded to include nearly 200 NPPs around the world.

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