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  • Habitat, Site Conditions, and other Physical Samples
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Five different sample types can be created from the Physical Samples tab. These samples are typically collected to support analysis of taxonomic identification and enumeration data in community samples.
  • Physical Site Condition Observation*
  • Water Column Light Intensity
  • NAWQA Reach Habitat**
  • NRSA Wadable Reach Habitat
  • Solar Pathfinder

         *The NRSA Visual Assessment form is part of the Physical Site Conditions sample

        **BioData Study Reach has variables that are on the 2002 NAWQA Reach Habitat form

Creating a NEW Physical Sample is simple
  1. Click 'Create New Physical Sample'
  2. Enter Site - Date - Time
    1. Please see Data Entry Tips for help adding sites
  3. Click "Create" in the left hand column



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