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  • USGS Program: The USGS has several programs within the water mission area. For a complete list of USGS programs see
  • USGS Science Center: USGS water resources and biological research offices are usually divided by state and are called science centers. You can find a list and descriptions of science centers on the USGS home page at
  • Project: Each biological community sample in BioData belongs to one and only one project. Typically data collected for a single Project has consistent objectives, design, and methods.
  • NAWQA study unit: In the beginning cycles of the National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA), the United States was divided into river basins, or study units, in order to collect consistent data on a watershed scale across the country. Some of the study units may cross state boundaries. For additional information and further descriptions of NAWQA study units refer to
Hints and Tricks:
  • You can only use one filter from this section at a time
  • Within a filter option, multiple selection can be made (e.g. multiple USGS Science Centers can be selected)
  • Click the links in the filter options panel above for more information
  • USGS Science Center provides a 'starts with' search box to help limit the list of options
  • Project provides a 'contains' search box that REQUIRES (see below) at least 2 characters to view a list
  • NAWQA Study Unit also provides an optional 'contains' search box; if used, it still requires two characters


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