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The Fisheries Information System (FIS) is an online database for the collection and management of Fish and Aquatic Conservation (FAC) Program information, focused on tracking program accomplishments and operational needs for performance reporting and strategic planning. FIS also tracks progress towards implementing restoration and recovery tasks in the context of planning documents and the status of populations in the wild. FIS is the primary tool for reporting performance measure information and allows data to be entered at the field office, reviewed by the Regional Office (RO), and compiled in the Washington Office (WO) for budget and management purposes. FIS is one of several Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) databases housed within the Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) portal.

How to use FIS business rules:  FIS Business Rules provide guidance for consistent data entry, review, and management of the information collected and housed in the FIS. The Rules define roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures when entering and managing FIS data to enhance consistency in the use of FIS throughout all levels of the Fisheries Program, resulting in high quality, consistent and reliable information.

Business rules focus on roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures when entering and managing FIS data. A business rule defines or constrains aspects of the FIS for the users of the system in order to assure consistent and accurate data is maintained. When referencing business rules during data entry within FIS, users may directly link to the rules that apply to the corresponding Module or Page. Business rules are provided in user friendly, "frequently asked question" (FAQ) format while working in FIS. Business Rules will be revisited and revised annually by the FIS Work Group (FISWG).  Revisions will also be made as necessary throughout the year as major enhancements to the system are completed.

For additional assistance with FIS, please contact your Regional FIS Coordinator.

FIS Coordinators:

RegionFIS CoordinatorPhoneEmail
4Cindy Williams404
5 (Regional Co-Chair)Tracy
6Elizabeth Sunshine 720-450-6601
8 Alex
HQ (HQ Co-Chair)Linda
HQ (NFHS - Advisor)TBD

HQ (Aquatic Invasive Species - Advisor)Don
HQ (AHSC - Advisor)Michael
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