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Category: Computational Tools and Services

This proposal was submitted in FY14 and selected as a Bureau Wide Applications project to be continued into FY15. 

Documents (original FY14 proposal)

  • Statement of Interest [pdf]
  • Full Proposal [pdf]
  • Budget Spreadsheet [xslx]
  • Product Delivery Form [pdf]
  • *Addendum


Documents (FY15 proposal)

  • FY14 Status Report and FY15 Proposal [pdf]
  • Budget Spreadsheet [xslx]



  File Modified
PDF File FY14 CDI RFP Product Delivery Form_FINAL_2014-s.pdf Product Delivery Form Jan 24, 2014 by
PDF File CDI 2014 mdTranslator Proposal 2013-01-14-s.pdf Full Proposal Jan 24, 2014 by
PDF File CDI 2014 Statement of Interest-s.pdf Statement of Interest Jan 24, 2014 by
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet CDI_Budget_Spreadsheet_Final-s.xlsx Budget Spreadsheet Jan 24, 2014 by
PDF File CDI 2015 mdTranslator Amended Proposal.pdf FY14 Report and FY15 Proposal Mar 20, 2015 by
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet CDI_Budget_Spreadsheet_2015_Amended 2015-01-20.xlsx FY15 Proposal Budget Mar 20, 2015 by
PDF File CDI 2014 mdTranslator Supplemental Proposal_Budget_2014-05-19.pdf ISO Toolkit Addendum to FY14 proposal Mar 20, 2015 by

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