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Description: A group exploring the use of application development, mobile tools, frameworks, and “thingbots” to support scientists.

Points Of Contact: Tim Kern and Lance Everette,

Meetings: Varies, but generally the fourth Thursday of each month from 12-1p ET. (More Meeting Information)



In early 2014 security researchers uncovered the very first wide-scale hack that involved television sets and at least one refrigerator ( This exploit drives home the evolving "Internet of Things" concept, a technical frontier that presents new opportunities and challenges for scientists.

To help IT professionals, software developers, and scientific researchers come to grips with these new possibilities, the Community for Data Integration is sponsoring the Connected Devices Working Group. This group will explore the use of current mobile tools, frameworks, and "thingbots" to support scientists, including wearable computing devices, cellular-based tracking devices, self-powered sensors, and other mobile science support tools.

This working group supplants the legacy CDI Mobile Applications Working Group. Many of the ideas, functions, and efforts explored by the Mobile Applications Development group have been adopted by enterprise efforts, especially in the area of responsive design and javascript frameworks. While the Connected Devices Working Group will continue to export mobile application frameworks and technical advances, it will also delve into new topics associated with all-things Internet accessible. 

Working group participation is open to all CDI partners (USGS, Department of Interior, other federal agency, state and local governments, university staff, NGOs and non-profits, private-sector technologists, and any other interested organization).


The Connected Devices Working Group, as a community of practice, will focus on being both a learning environment and a forum for members to exchange ideas. The group will support:

  • IT staff working with vendors to gain insight into new technologies being developed.
  • Software developers by promoting coding and design best practices, and discussing technical and design issues.
  • Scientists and researchers who want to find out about technologies they can employ in their research.

The group will facilitate collaboration among these different groups in an effort to promote joint projects, suggest technologies that can help with research goals, identify cost efficiencies and technical options, and introduce new concepts and discoveries with the Internet of Things.


To join the Connected Devices Working Group, please contact:  

If you wish to take your name off the mailing list, please send an email to and request that your email address be removed.


The Working Group meets irregularly, generally when called for by participants in the CDWG Topics of Interest forum. All CDWG members can post to this forum. If you wish to weigh in on a topic, request access from

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