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Data Definitions

Title: The name of the plan/applicant or agreement.

For HCPs with long term permits, subarea plans, amendments - use the standard name then comma then qualifier. For example "MSCP, County of San Diego Subarea Plan, Cielo Amendment." All plans and amendments associated with MSCP will then be listed together. For HCPs where the permittee/applicant has more than one HCP - use a unique qualifier after the name. For example, Plum Creek timber company has three distinct HCPs in various stages of development and approval. All of these HCPs are listed together but with qualifiers that distinguish the three.

 Plum Creek I-90

 Plum Creek Native Fish

 Plum Creek RCW.

USFWS Region(s): The USFWS region involved with the plan.

USFWS Field Office(s): The USFWS field office involved with the plan.

Permits: The permit number/code of the plan. HCP/SHA/CCAA 

Status: The status of the plan. 

  • I: plan completed and permit issued: HCP/SHA/CCAA

  • C: agreement completed and signed: CCA

  • A: plan and permit application submitted and available for public comment

  • N: notice of intent to prepare an EIS for an HCP HCP/SHA/CCAA

  • P: plan in progress/pending/serious discussion is involved

  • W: plan withdrawn and/or application withdrawn

  • D: permit denied HCP/SHA/CCAA

  • E: permit/agreement expired

  • S: permit suspended HCP/SHA/CCAA

  • R: permit revoked HCP/SHA/CCAA

  • Q: inactive (not in use at this time)

NEPA Process: The type of NEPA process associated with the plan. More than one process type may apply. HCP/SHA

  • CE: categorical exclusion

  • EA: environmental assessment

  • EIS: environmental impact statement

Involved Agency: The agency that was involved in issuing the permit, either by signing the Implementation Agreement or permit, or by being part of the negotiation process. Options include:

  • NMFS


  • NMFS and USFWS

Budget Type: Applies to Region 1 only. The budget type of the plan, can be Forest Plan or NCCP Plan. The NCCP Plan applies only to certain plans in the state of California, so in some cases a plan in this area can have both budget types apply. HCP Only

Date Assistance Initiated: The date the applicant indicated an intent to move forward with preparation of a HCP. This date should be documented in the Service administrative record with meeting notes, a letter from the applicant, planning agreement, or other appropriate documentation.

Date Application Received: The date the complete application package was received by the Regional Office, this package includes the certification memo from the Field Office. The date of the memo is the date the complete application is received.

Date Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS: : The date that the notice of intent to prepare an EIS associated with an HCP was published in the Federal Register. HCP/SHA/CCAA

Date Noticed in Federal Register: : The publication date in the Federal Register that the plan was noticed for public review. HCP/SHA/CCAA

Location: A description of the plan location, such as city, county and state names.

Listed Species: The common name of the listed species covered (i.e. listed on the permit) in the plan.

Non-Listed Species: The common name of the non-listed species covered in the plan.

Habitat: A discussion of the major types of habitat addressed in the plan.

State(s): The state(s) the plan is located within.

Size: The amount of land within the planning area addressed in the plan. Most frequently recorded in acres, occasionally recorded in linear miles. 

Encompassed Planning Area?: Whether the planning area is encompassed within a planning area for another plan/agreement, even if the two cover separate activities (e.g., an individual HCP within the planning area of a regional HCP). The large HCP must be permitted for this category to be checked

Acreage Protected: The number of acres protected by the plan.

Acreage Created/Enhanced/Restored: The number of acres created/enhanced/restored by the plan.

Acreage Adversely Affected: The number of acres adversely affected by the plan. HCP Only

Applicant/Partner Type: Describe the applicants/oartners for whom the incidental take permit will be issued. More than one applicant type may apply. Options include:

  • state agency

  • private individual

  • corporation

  • 1 local jurisdiction

  • 2 or more local jurisdictions

  • non-governmental organization

  • tribal

  • other (if this category is used please describe further in the notes section)

Land Use: Describe the covered activities in the HCP. More than one land use type may apply. Options include:

  • agricultural

  • business/commercial construction

  • forest management activities

  • gas and oil production

  • mining or other extraction?

  • non-commercial?

  • other (if this category is used please describe further in the notes section)

  • ranching?

  • recreational activities

  • residential construction

  • utility/infrastructure (Ex: Powerlines, roads. Applies to residential subdivisions when the subdivision will be contributing to the public access in an area.)

  • water activities

Duration: The length of the incidental take permit, in years and months of time. 

Reporting Frequency: A description of the reporting schedule for monitoring of the plan or agreement.

Report Received Date(s): The individual dates the monitoring report was received by the Service.

Partners: The partners significantly contributing to the development and success of the agreement. SHA/CCAA/CCA

Regional/FWS Contact: The regional or field office contact. SHA/CCAA/CCA

Effectiveness of Agreement on ESA/Candidate Status: CCAA/CCA Options include.

  • P: precluded need to list (no longer a candidate)

  • W: proposal to list withdrawn

  • T: listed but only as threatened: agreement serves as recovery plan

  • E: listed as endangered: agreement serves as recovery plan

  • L: lowered listing priority number (agreement reduced the immediacy or magnitude of threats)

  • N: no effect

  • X: not yet determined

WO Copy of Agreement: Does the Washington Office have a copy of the agreement. SHA/CCAA/CCA

Monitoring Notes: Comments regarding monitoring activities.

Additional Notes: Miscellaneous notes regarding the plan/agreement.

Documents: Any PDF documents that are currently linked to the plan/agreement and available for download.

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