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BioData attempts to ensure that:

  1. ALL of the data stored in BioData are as complete and accurate as possible
  2. ALL of the data that should be released to the public are released to the public in a timely manner
  3. ALL of the data that should not be released to the public (internal-use only and proprietary data) will not be released to the public

BioData places every sample in one of three categories

  • Public
    • Anyone can view or retrieve the data
  • Project Staff
    • Only Project Staff, National, and Water Science Center (WSC) Data Stewards can view or retrieve the data
    • Project Staff can see only data for projects to which they are assigned
  • Data Steward
    • Only National and WSC Data Stewards can view or retrieve the data
    • WSC Data Stewards can see ALL data for ALL projects assigned to their science center, but have only Public rights for data of other WSCs

Sample data is categorized "Public" when all of the following are true...

  • The Nation Water Information System (NWIS) is releasing the site record to the public
  • Sample data has passes all of the automated BioData data-validation tests
  • The Project Profile has been reviewed and accepted
  • The project Study Reach for the sample has been reviewed and accepted
  • The Sample collection information has been reviewed and accepted
  • The Sample is flagged as "unrestricted" using the Analysis Status Code in the sample header
  • Taxon id/count records have been input for community (invert, fish, algae) samples
  • All of the taxon id/count records have been reviewed and accepted

Sample data is categorized "Project Staff" when...

  • any of the above items have not been reviewed and accepted
  • the sample is flagged as "internal" or "proprietary" using the Analysis Status Code in the sample collection information header.

Sample data is categorized "Data Steward" when...

  • BioData's automated data-checking routines detect invalid or erroneous data


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