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In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is scheduled for retirement on January 27th, 2023. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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This is a prototype set of pages. Please feel free to edit as you like here, but also be aware that there is a discussion forum going on now (Summer 2015) on how this group should operate. Please post your thoughts about what you like/don't like/want from this group there.


This group is very much meant to be a "let's work it out" group. Please don't feel that you need to wait until the thing you want to talk about is "solved." The whole point is that others might be able to contribute to your problem based on their experiences. 

The pages immediately below are meant to be topical dividers. This level should only contain the problem definition and no implementation details. The level below that is where an algorithm implementation should be provided.  The idea being community members can provide, for example, implementations of the same algorithm in both Python and R, each on its own page. Down the road, we may reorganize/curate pages for clarity, especially if we do things like present speed or quality comparisons of different algorithms that attempt to solve the same problem. The code that is submitted here is really only for the purpose of illustration--one could think of it as "pseudo-code." We are working out protocols for us all sharing more substantial bodies of code using some version control system (git, most likely, with some front end such as github/gitlab/stash/whatever).

We expect to keep each topic fairly narrow in the hope that the algorithm definitions and implementations are not overwhelmed with supporting details, like file formats. As such, we encourage folks to be very clear about the structure and meaning of any input and output content so that readers can follow the logic as easily as possible.
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