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  • NCGMP User Help for Reviewers
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Individual Reviews

You must also have created a myUSGS account in order to log into the NCGMP Management System (MS).  

Log into to access the NCGMP-MS.  You will see that your role is ‘rev’ (reviewer) next to your email address in the upper righthand part of the menu.  You should also have a link to access all your Reviews at the bottom of the logon page.  If these are not present then please contact us.

Finding Proposals I need to Review

  • Click on “Proposal Review List” to access the proposals assigned to you to review.

  • Alternatively, click on the  Review button.


You can now see the proposals assigned to you to review.  Under the Review Proposal column select the proposal that you would like to review and click on it's name (red arrow).

Finding Items I need to Review

  • Click on “Review Submission List” (or the "Review" button)

  • You can now see the items you need to review. You can select one item to review by clicking on the linked title (red arrow):

  • You can also filter your list of items by selecting an RFP (current) from the “RFP” drop down list

Reviewing an Item

Once you have found the proposal you want to review (see above) you will be on the screen shown below 

  • To see documents related to the Proposal click on the download button. The documents will download to your computer in a zip file.
      • Pertinent files to review

        • ProjectNarrativeAttachments - This is the Proposal

        • Form SF424_2_1-V2.1 - Application for Federal Assistance SF-424

        • Form SF424A-V1.0 - Budget Information

        • Example geologic map deliverable and pamphlet (if available)

        • Additional documents as needed

  • After you have reviewed all proposal documents you can now click on the “Edit” button to begin your review.

  • To start your review click on “edit”



Once you hit edit you will see a list of questions associated with the proposal these are called "Criteria"

  • You will now see all of the criteria and you can rate the proposal as noted on each criterion (Note that the questions change based on the RFP these are only examples).

    • You will see the criteria listed with the weight indicated next to each.  You will also be provided the criteria list by the NCGMP office.  Please remember to use the 0 to 10 rating scale for each criteria where 10 indicates that the proposal fully satisfied the criteria and 0 indicating that the proposal did not satisfy the criteria.

    • Please enter up to 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of the proposal.  Short but descriptive responses in bullet form are acceptable and appreciated.  These comments will be summarized in feedback to the proposal’s Principal Investigator.

    • Please provide an overall proposal rating or funding recommendation using the Likert scale provided.  The Likert scale indicates a scale from 1=Poor to 5=Excellent.

    • Finally, provide any additional information describing your rating about the proposal in the Comment section.

  • Click “update” to save your review.

You will be able to update your individual proposal reviews until the NCGMP office closes the individual proposal review stage.  At that time, you will be unable to access the proposals until the Group Proposal Review stage opens during the Proposal Evaluation Panel meeting.  At that time you will be able to revise your reviews during proposal review discussions.

  • To update a proposal review you can go to the proposal (see above Finding Proposals I need to Review section) and click “Edit”, then click “Update” to save your revision.

Conflict of Interest

If at anytime during the review process you feel as though you cannot review an item due to a conflict of interest, please contact the NCGMP team

Checking to Make Sure You Have Completed Your Reviews

  • It is important to review your assigned proposals to review to be sure that you have completed them.  To easily determine if your successfully completed all assigned proposals, simply scroll through the proposals and refer to the “Completed” column to verify that each one indicates 100%.  If not, select the incomplete proposal and complete your review.

    • To do this, select the “Review Proposal List” once you have finished your proposal reviews to determine if all assigned proposal reviews are complete.  Once at this page you are provided with a summary of all proposals that you reviewed.


  • Filter to the RFP you are currently reviewing by selecting the name of the RFP and clicking on Search

  • If you have completed your proposal it will say 100% in the Done column - incomplete or partially completed items will have a lower percentage in the done column.

Creating Your myUSGS Account

To get started you will need to create a myUSGS account.

  • Click on “Sign Up”

  • Fill in your university email address (not a personal address) and click the “I am not a robot” check box 
  • Then click "Submit"

  • You will then need to check your inbox for an email from myUSGS and follow the steps (below) including providing a sponsor for the account

  • Check with the NCGMP team for the email address to use

Your sponsor will then get an email and need to verify your account. After which you will get an email asking you to finalize your account, create a password etc.

Forgot your password?

  • Fill in your email address that you created with your myUSGS account with to get a new password

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