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Shortcuts can be made from one item to another, establishing a symbolic parent/child relationship between items. This process is used to create the concept of virtual collections in ScienceBase as well as other cases where a hierarchical relationship is desired without actually moving an item from one place to another. The API controllers for these operations are addLink to create shortcuts and unlink to remove them. In both cases, the following parameters are required.

  • itemId - the ScienceBase ID of the item that will be (or is already) linked to a new parent item
  • destId - the ScienceBase ID of the symbolic parent item


In this example, the item with ID, 505bb264e4b08c986b32578f, will be linked to the item with ID, 5192a7fce4b00ddd76a724a8.

To remove the link, you would simply replace the /addLink? controller with the /unlink? controller.

Note: There is currently no bulk change method for linking and unlinking items via the API. Items must be linked or unlinked individually.

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