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  • 2011 ScienceBase Release Notes
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Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.33  11/23/2011

Functionality updated in ScienceBase 1.0:
  • Eliminate need to have to log in to report ScienceBase issues
  • Change the "Help" link within the ScienceBase application to point to the new Confluence help pages

Bugs Resolved in ScienceBase 1.0:

Work completed to support the ScienceBase 2. release slated for early January:
  • The model supports dates
  • The model supports tags (scheme/term/properties)
  • I can browse items in their communities / "folders"
  • I can do an Advanced Search
  • I can create a REST query for supported feeds using the "Query Builder" form
  • The UI for Edit Item's metadata has all required REST services
  • I can edit an item's metadata
  • Update password expiration date for harvester ui service account
  • Nov9 Sprint: SB2.0 team wide development: Laura will add tickets
  • As a user, I can browse an item that is stored/tagged/kept/pointed at/WHATEVER! in mulitple folders
  • As a user, the search capabilities in V2.0 match or exceed the capabilities offered in V1.0
  • Rewrite the PUBS harvester to accommodate changes on the PUBS side and the new Item Model
  • I can add a new item
  • As a ScienceBase user, I do not have to specify a particular item type in order to enter a new item

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.32  11/10/2011

  • Update the Help links to accomodate the new FAQs
  • Research a comprehensive authentication and authorization solution for the myUSGS/ScienceBase suite
  • ITEM MODEL: Implementation 7 of 4
  • Item REST Services Part 2
  • Review nocatalog vs current catalog and list missing functioality
  • Discuss ScienceBase Model 2.0 changes and impacts on Harvesters
  • After deleting WyGISC records, perform a new harvest of WyGISC records, place new records in a WyGISC folder
  • Support Idaho Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support WIsconsin Geological and Natural History Survey in providing NGGDPP Metadata
  • Remove experimental National Map products harvested from internal USGS servers, which are being publicly exposed in ScienceBase
  • Bring up National Paleontological Database from SQL Server backup and evaluate for ingestion into ScienceBase Catalog as native items
  • As a ScienceBase user, I have some assurance that the resource records returned at the top of my search have valid links to access the resources so I don't waste my time looking at things that aren't valid

Bugs Resolved:

  • Cannot create top level folder in ScienceBase
  • Network Links broken in UI and API because of checkUriDate Implementation
  • Missing Tabs on item/edit page when creating a new metadata record.
  • Bulk Add/Remove from a VC only Removes and Adds 10 files at a time
  • OGC Web services not working for layers on
  • Errors in checkUrlLinks
  • We did not maintain backwards compatibility with accessing items via the old Item ID when we changed to using UUID
  • Harvester API: for "Project" types, projectStatus is handled inconsistently between getItem and update/createItem
  • Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.31  10/27/2011
  • ITEM MODEL: Implementation 6 of 4
  • As a ScienceBase user, the footer has relevant links that help me complete appropriate actions
  • FOUR A'S: #2: Authenticate into Confluence using JOSSO
  • FOURA'S: After logging into, users must click 'log in' link in Catalog view - can this be eliminated or made more obvious?
  • Retrieve item service is not working
  • ScienceBase ATOM feed is not working properly: 1) feeds are not validating, 2) generated links are broken
  • Contact Type in Advance Search is not displaying the contact name in the drop-down list
  • Determine the issue with the map package zip file Drew submitted
  • KMZ output for physical collections seems to be broken

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.30  10/13/2011

  • Need to be able to edit inherited permissions

  • ScienceBase Catalog API returns RelatedParty information that is invalid when used for update.

  • Items are not being added to the Virtual Catalog

  • As a user, I should be able to download a folder of items

  • Broken Link message when trying to search from the item\search page

  • WLCI Science Projects Page using XML feed from ScienceBase, feed ids now erroring as XML Parsing Error: "No Element Found"

  • Links not working

  • ITEM MODEL: Implementation 5 of 4

  • Delete LULC Scenarios and Modeling Virtual Catalog

  • my-beta is crashing with heap dumps

  • Support Alabama Geological Survey in providing NGGDPP Metadata

  • Delete WyGISC records from ScienceBase, in preparation for a new WyGISC harvest

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.29  09/29/2011

  • ITEM MODEL: Implementation 4 of 4
  • Extract more data from the metadata file within Sciencebase
  • Support Tennessee Division of Geology in the upload of NGGDPP Metadata
  • Support Maryland Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Change the antisamy config to allow the "target" attribute on the "<a>" tag
  • Allocate developer time for preparation for the NCCWSC Workshop
  • As a VC user, I can find a set of records through a search and add them all to my VC in a few simple clicks
  • Create and write ScienceBase FAQs for Help documentation
  • Harvester Management Next Steps

Bugs Resolved:

  • Grails Error when Editing a Virtual Context ** only on Beta **
  • Fix window sizing on Add New Folder box
  • IE does not show the tooltips/blurb/help bubbles
  • Failures processing uploaded map packages
  • Grails error when trying to remove a folder that contains data
  • Date Modified time stamp is displaying incorrect time in IE (displays correctly in Firefox)
  • Hovers in the contact autocomplete/dropdowns are not showing
  • In the Item Edit form and the Create Item form, the hover for party doesn't work

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.28  09/19/2011

  • ITEM MODEL: Implementation 3 of 4
  • Add 313 publications to the USGSChesapeake Bay Virtual Catalog
  • Catalog sub-folders inherit permissions from top level folders, which makes it difficult to restrict folders
  • Harvest attached .ris file and add the harvested citations to GLSC VC
  • Remove the HTML "code" area at the bottom of the rich text widgets used on the Edit Metadata screens
  • Advanced Search by Contact: Make the first item on the Contact Type dropdown menu be "Any"
  • Update MultiHazards ScienceBase skin with new banner available at
  • Support Tennessee Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Kansas Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Maryland Geological Survey in the upload of NGGDPP metadata.
  • Support New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata


  • JIRA is sending out emails when accounts are created in myUSGS
  • Search results sometimes result in a very tiny map.
  • While searching for items in the science base catalog, I frequently recieve Error: Unexpected System Error,The system experienced an unexpected error and could not complete your request. The development team has been notified. Please try again in a little
  • Saved search always goes to domain
  • GetFeatureInfo on ScienceBase-served WMS does not seem to be working or is extremely slow
  • Manage Permissions fails on save - No such property: entries for class: java.lang.Boolean
  • Weird WLCI redirect loop
  • When adding a new citation, I can save it without selecting a Citation Type which has a red * for required field
  • Formatting issue with the Detailed Summary box
  • Create New and Upload buttons are sticky in IE
  • IE issue: two vertical scroll bars are displayed on more info in the item/show page
  • A non-manager user can access the manage permissions page
  • When there are many items in the Access Resource area, the icons and the links do not display cleanly
  • Bug in interactiveItemMap
  • In item summary view window for a shapefile, clicking a feature on the map results in a "wait I'm processing" indicator that doesn't go away
  • As Data Admin, I can not "Edit Context"
  • Error on search: constructing Envelope
  • Unable to upload shape file in the footprint
  • In UCRB virtual catalog and click on show 'all Data Owner' it results in an "Sorry, an error occurred"
  • The record count at the bottom of the accordian panel often shows an error
  • Contexts with underscores in the name don't work with the index
  • Map data display error
  • Rich text markings are not used on the Item Show page
  • Error on catalogParty show page
  • Unable to save item footprint to context
  • Grails Error when Creating a new Virtual Catalog
  • IE has multiple issues
  • Unable to add a New Metadata Item
  • Could not get instance from DB
  • Out of Heap Space Errors on beta
  • Special characters did not get dealt with properly in the SiteMap harvest
  • Harvester API: null pubdate and infodate generate blank fields in xml doc for getItem, but updateItem does not accept blank for these

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.27  09/01/2011

  • ITEM MODEL: Implemention 2 of 4
  • Support New Mexico Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Illinois Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Overview map service should be able to use item UUID as the calling parameter
  • As a ScienceBase user, I can use a form to run a search of available items under the browse lists in the context summary so that I can quickly search for a particular value
  • Add a new column to show file extension on the folder view page
  • When uploading, have file name default to title field for all file types
  • When creating a new meta data record and select item type of "shape file" or "uploaded shape file" the shape file does not display on the map after you add it via the footprinter
  • Replace SB_ID with SB_UUID
  • In catalog view, on map, I choose 'Show Footprint' for mapped point, footprint displays but I can not easily get rid of it
  • As a ScienceBase user, when I specify "With Filter..." Item type=Publication, I would like to further constrain search by Author
  • Move the Provenance field above the fields having to do with Metadata XML
  • Move the Summary field in the ScienceBase metadata form below the Body
  • Add alternate titles should have the same form element style as tags and contacts

Bugs Resolved:

  • Footprint is not being displayed on the item/show page
  • couldn't upload zipped shapefile
  • When I get to ScienceBase from the my.usgs, the catalog starts up with error
  • Error when trying to upload a small zip file
  • GNLCC tags/keywords not being shown in Browse Keyword menu and keywords that are being shown are not relevant to GNLCC
  • Remove the ability for Managers to select Item Writable by Nobody
  • WLCI SB item - OGC Service Capabilities link generating a new window with error message: mapserv(): Web application error.
  • Traditional BROWSE mode requires a TEMPLATE in the WEB section, but none was provided.
  • Listing of data owners for a context showing all data owners in ScienceBase
  • "feedMap" is included in the Item REST service output even if the item doesn't have any spatial data
  • Remove Delete button from manage folder permissions
  • Tab index not working when editing an item
  • Show all author, data owner, keyword listings (categorySummary) lose context (VC)
  • The Atlassian Universal Wiki Converter has some issues when running a conversion on a JSP Wiki
  • Catalog REST service not handling Physical Collection properly
  • Folder browse pages do not resize properly
  • File changes made in REPO not showing up in Catalog
  • Mendeley citation authors - incomplete author lists showing up in PERMLINK page

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.26  08/22/2011

  • ITEM MODEL: Implementation 1 of 4
  • FOUR A'S: #1: Move USGS users to use DOI ActiveDirectory
  • ATOM work:
  • Make ScienceBase Atom output compliant with RFC4287
  • Do not include blank elements in Atom XML when values are missing from ScienceBase records
  • Apply the fix for the ATOM feed displaying a background map to the XML and JSON feeds
  • As a user, I see the label "Contact", not the label "Party"
  • Automatically set the item footprint for items with web services (WMS or REST, etc)
  • Advanced Search Defaults to Author as contact type... contact type should be null
  • If a shape file does not have feature details and you click on the shape file the spinning icon is displayed causing you to cancel out to stop
  • Restricted item showing up in search result
  • Can not update URL in ScienceBase record, upon save receiving message: The specified URL cannot be found
  • Cannot upload anything to
  • Grails Error when Adding a New Role when setting permissions for a folder

Release Notes: ScienceBase1.25.1 08/05/2011

  • Support Maryland Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Louisiana Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • As a user that does not type anything into the Search text box, I get some logical actions.
  • Show inherited permissions in catalog manage/view permissions like old repo
  • As a user of the ScienceBase ATOM feed, I have access to all available links for ScienceBase items seen through the ScienceBase user interface (item summary pages) with appropriate information to know how to use the links
  • I can access the Item Service without being an authenticated user
  • As a ScienceBase user, I can enter new items without specifying a data owner
  • As a searcher, when my search delivers 0 results, I should see a link to Help documentation on searching with Lucene
  • As a data manager, I can upload a generic file type
  • As a ScienceBase user, I see the WMS and Google Earth access methods for GeoTIFF items uploaded to the Repository in the catalog item summary pages
  • I use the same metadata management form no matter where I am in ScienceBase
  • As an uploader author, I work with/see only my own space in repository
  • As a Catalog user, I have the same full download capabilities that I have in Uploader
  • As a scientist uploading records to ScienceBase, I would like to use the Footprint Studio in the Uploader to assign spatial information to my files.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can upload new data right from the summary of what's already in my virtual catalog so that I can quickly build out resources for my team without having to go to a new interface
  • Simple/unrefined HTML Views of DIrectory entities
  • Add query forms for Directory REST services
  • DOCUMENTATION: Catalog/Item REST Services
  • DOCUMENTATION: Directory REST Services

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.24  07-21-2011

Improvements to the user experience

  • Styling issue with the footer in WLCI when not logged in
  • On the search map results, change the ? on the map display to an *
  • Need a progress bar when you click save after editing the metadata for an upload
  • Update tab index on the "initialize New Item" page
  • Hover does not work on Data Owner name on item show page
  • Set a defined width for the splash page content to be centered in the page
  • When user does Search and the text box is empty, give them some info
  • Fix the heading text on the Add Item page (the current text is out of date)
  • On the Find Lat Long box, add text to tell user that input is decimal degrees
    Advanced search results should specify 'no records found' instead of showing blank catalog view
  • Add "Edit Metadata" to the drop-down list next to Edit
  • Don't show the More at the end of summary in Item Summary pages unless there really is more to see
  • Left menu categories losing saved search in a VC
  • Download link shows up for all users and then throws an error on items that don't have anything to be dowloaded
  • The Uploading capability is now fully integrated into the ScienceBase application. The standalone application at is now deprecated.All data originally uploaded to repo has been migrated into ScienceBase.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I see a live map for items in the catalog that are mappable on our ScienceBase mapper.
  • As an ScienceBase ATOM feed user, I get a link returned to an image overlay representation of item (entry) footprints for applicable items so I can include this graphic in my web site. This link currently uses a custom tag, which will be replaced with a standard tag in the next version.
  • Requirements meetings were held to discuss the process flow for replacing GMIS with the use of the ScienceBase Footprint Studio; user story cards were added for each specific story defined.
  • Support Illinois Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • A virtual catalog was created for the Desert LCc and for Fisheries.


  • Database error when deleting/updating items.
  • SB Feedback link in the footer is not working on both pro and beta
  • GNLCC boundary is not displaying correctly in the vc
  • Download link icons are displaying too much of the sprite image so another icon is over flowing.
  • Redirect to the main search page when a url without a context is used
  • Unable to upload a shape file in the footprinter in Prod
  • Unable to upload a map package (.mpk) in production (works in beta)
  • Unable to add new Virtual Catalogs
  • Seach button on splash page needs the drop down menu so that the user can immediately go to Advanced Search
  • Unable to create a top-level folder...missing a create button?
  • BASIS+ tasks and subtasks showing up publicly!!!
  • Support New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • findUsers, findRoles is too restricted, making AJAX drop down blank for users not in ScienceBase_DataAdmin
  • Error creating new folder
  • Add new item does not let me add new item without uploading

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.23  07-07-2011

  • The uploader functionality now has a complete workflow in ScienceBase. Next sprint: migrate Repo files into ScienceBase file storage.
  • As a Sciencebase user, I would like the Download/more info/Permalink to open a new tab or window rather than take you out of the catalog.
  • Footprint Studio: As a ScienceBase item author/editor, I can search for and use custom geospatial footprints uploaded and used for other items that match my item so that I don't have to upload the same data again
  • As a Footprint user, I would like to only have to upload a shapefile once and be able to assign the shapefile to various ScienceBase items that I may create, at a later time
  • Refine LatLong Finder behavior in Footprint Studio
  • The best practices for creating a useful .mpk (map package file) will be published in ScienceBase help

Changes made to the User Interface:

  • Create a splash page
  • Consolidate the search button and the search dropdown menu into just the button
  • Change the Add dropdown item to a simple Add Item link in the blue nav bar
  • Banner: remove the links on the right and extend the banner
  • Hide the folders in the accordion box unless the user is logged in
  • When you open up an item, it has multple title bars; keep buttons next to the title floated right
  • Fix the 2 buttons on Add Item per comments below
  • Add a Search link in the blue nav bar to do "new search"
  • On item show page, eliminate whitespace between blue bar and horizontal black line
  • Fix extra horizontal scroll bar on search page.
  • Change the orange/gray and gray cloud icons to have asterisks instead of question marks
  • Change message upload flow interstitial page after editing metadata to say "saving item" or something like that
  • Reuse footprint: Short name must be required
  • Move lat/long box and Geocode address box to be right under their buttons

Support State Geological Surveys:

  • Support Washington Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Virginia Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Oklahoma Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support New Jersey Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata
  • Support Utah Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata

Bugs resolved:

  • Latest OutOfMemory exceptions
  • The date modified from the repo view does not reflect a date in IE but works in Firefox
  • redirects to https://my,
  • Unable to upload OOXML files (.docx, .xlsx, ...)
  • Remove column fails after adding a point with the LatLongFinder or Geocoder
  • Styling issue with Folder View in both IE and Firefox
  • Lat/Long Behavior: Input a lat/long outside US it zooms in too close and does not display
  • Lat/Long Behavior: Move the display of the lat/long finder box
  • Missing view of folder contents
  • The browse/browse?folder view does not display sub-folders icon properly.... it has a red X
  • Add buttons on "Manage Permissions" issues in IE

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.22  06-09-2011

New Features:

  • As a user, I can upload my msd package into ScienceBase and see the multi-layer map displayed by an ArcGIS service
  • Repo Integration 1: Merge show, edit, and viewLog actions and views back together
  • Repo Integration 2: Create unified left-hand accordion "menu"
  • Repo Integration 4: Port csv visualizations from Repo V1
  • Repo Integration 5: Remove old Repo V2 views and links
  • As a user of the REST services, I get the date last updated and date created attributes
  • As a data manager adding a new file, I can add the name of the data owner if it is not on the list

Bugs Resolved:

  • Receive a Grails error when trying to add a new folder to the JDT community
  • Integrated File Uploader does not work in IE8
  • With filter throwing error
  • Investigate catalog down due to database connection pool timeouts
  • Basic Item Type filter lost after modifying search text
  • Fix API error when submitting a RelatedParty with highlighted attribute set
  • Natalie can not add people to groups as the manager of the Land Carbon VC

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.21  05-26-2011

  • Catalog outages due to out of memory and connection pool issues were resolved.
  • The Folder Drop-down list is empty when attempting to add a New Project item on beta
  • As a USGS Web site manager, I want users to be able to get an ATOM feed of items in ScienceBase as one output option.
  • The integrated file uploader can now handle large files.
  • An initial investigation into the use of Crowd for Single Sign-on was completed.
  • As a user, when I am working within a virtual catalog and upload an item, it automatically is placed in my virtual catalog.
  • As a web page manager, I can use the latitude and longitude that are returned from the REST Query form.
  • Maryland Geological Survey records were harvested to the catalog.
  • New Hampshire Geological Survey records were harvested to the catalog.

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.20  05-12-2011

Stories and Improvements:

  • Support was added for the New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.
  • Support was added for the Illinois Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.
  • When using IE: users will no longer receive popup window about nonsecure items.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I can search the listing of all context summary index items with an ajax-style search box on the "show all" page for these items so that I can more quickly look for a value in a long list.
  • Search times are now reduced due to simplified name-only contact loading.
  • As a user displaying the long scrolled list of items in a folder, I see a column of "Modified by Date" to improve sorting capabilities.
  • On accordion left-hand column, the user will now see the total number of records.

Bugs resolved:

  • The ScienceBase catalog is non-responsive due to out of memory errors.
  • When user attempts the following URL, an Unexpected System Error occurs:
  • Upload file error in Catalog.
  • Saved search does not produce/show search results.
  • Unable to add a new item, I receive the Error 500 exception error message.
  • Error when trying to edit an item.
  • Error when trying to delete an item through folder view.
  • Cannot delete WLCI Information Article using delete option at bottom of edit window.
  • Saved search description may be entered, but does not appear anywhere in Catalog, and is not available to users.

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.19  04-19-2011

  • The integrated file uploader handles large files.
  • The general search functionality has been improved. Searches for words in item titles will bubble to the top.
  • An Advanced Search was added to the Search button menu.
  • Data managers/authorized personnel can add other members to community groups (authors, readers).
  • As a ScienceBase user, I go to the search page when I click to view a virtual catalog so that I can start searching and browsing records.
  • Security was added to the "catalogMaps" application.
  • Progress but not completed: As a GIS Analyst, I need a way for geospatial data loaded into the Repository to be available for edit in ArcGIS
  • Performance was improved by creating a job to load cache in advance for categories (data for accordion menu with keywords, authors, types, etc),
  • The project status was removed from 'With Filter' in the user interface.
  • Support New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.
  • Support Oklahoma Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.18  04-14-2011

  • As a GIS user, I can add a Catalog Item of a map service. When I access this map service, a multi-layered map will be displayed in the ScienceBase window.
  • As a user, I can upload local data files into ScienceBase so that I can share them with others in my community or to the general public and find them through the Search functionality.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I see the accordion section list of catalog/virtual catalog browse options in the search results space if I have not yet executed a search so I have more than a blank slate to start with.
  • As a WLCI community member, I can see fresh content on the community web pages because information is provided by queries to the ScienceBase application.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can view funding information for BASIS+ projects, tasks, and subtasks so that I can understand funding dynamics for USGS work.
  • As a CRAHC user, I can access THREDDS to serve gridded data.
  • As a user, I can use Confluence to Version 3.4.9.
  • Bug resolved: multilayer mapper issues in IE
  • Bug resolved: ItemFolderController doesn't allow parent folder to be blank and changes already blank entries to be non-blank
  • Bug resolved: Item Folder select list is missing items
  • Bug resolved: item_import (legacy) error with alternate titles
  • Bug resolved: browse: grid failing to load
  • Bug resolved: browse: folder links in grid are going to the wrong place
  • Bug resolved: Beta: Catalog with accordions does not work in IE8

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.17  03-31-2011

  • The multi-layer map viewer functionality was improved.
  • More internal work was completed on the integration of the Uploader into ScienceBase.
  • As a user of the ScienceBase REST services, I can indicate multiple tags on the request form.
  • As an user of the ScienceBase REST services, I can designate what fields I want the service to return.
  • With the new menu bar, the entry point for Virtual Catalogs is more obvious.
  • The standard ScienceBase Catalog banner was updated.
  • The THREDDS and Godiva2 prototype for UCRB NetCDF data is now working.
  • As a UCRB member, I have access to MODIS data.
  • The RIS file from Mendely was harvested to a new NCCWSC VC.
  • The ScienceBase-Uploader was added to the list of applications in the menu.
  • Support was provided to the New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.
  • Drupal can now be used to create and manage individual websites.
  • Bug resolved: person/edit - groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: user for class:
  • Bug resolved: Can not edit NCCWSC Virtual Catalog that I just created
  • Bug resolved: Trouble with a shapefile upload – map not showing
  • Bug resolved: Add View of ItemProvenance Audit/History (or full list if many-many instead of _audit)
  • Bug resolved: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255)
  • Bug resolved: Publication linked to the wrong author
  • Bug resolved: WLCI Photo Captions Misspelled
  • Bug resolved: Error from invalid team ID

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.16  03-17-2011

  • The content of the WLCI Science Pages can be delivered through using web services that retrieve the current content from the ScienceBase Catalog.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I will consistently interact with Web addresses using the for all major user interface components so that I am logged in when I think I am.
  • An initial version of the ScienceBase "multi-mapper" is available. If a “.mxd” file is uploaded to the Catalog, the user can search for that item and see the multi-layered map in the viewer.
  • As a ScienceBase administrator, I can provide information about the different harvesters so that titles and descriptions can be linked as part of the provenance of individual records.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I can see a simple title for the harvesting processes that bring many records into SB-Catalog and click on it so that I can see information about how some items come to be in ScienceBase.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can view relationships between BASIS+ projects, tasks, and subtasks and click on them in Item Summary pages so that I can fully explore historic and current USGS work.
  • Support was provided for the New Hampshire Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.
  • Support was provided for the Maryland Geological Survey in the preparation and loading of NDC Metadata.
  • Bug resolved: USGS logo shows up twice for unauthenticated users.
  • Bug resolved: Footprint Studio will not save a drawn point, line, or polygon.
  • Bug resolved: Menu bar has double log when user is non-authenticated

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.15

  • no release notes, bug fix

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.14  03-02-2011

  • As a user, I can specify if my search should be constrained to my virtual catalog or extended to the entire catalog.
  • As a user, I have a new toolbar with all of the functions I need: Search, Add, Help, Settings, etc.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I can find results based on full original metadata for harvested items along with the metadata that is encoded into ScienceBase Catalog so that I can discover things based on more than what is simply used in ScienceBase
  • As a ScienceBase user, I see the top 10 browse items in the accordion sections for context summary sorted by number of records so that I can see the potentially most relevant items of interest.
  • As a project web site author, I can use REST services to populate my web pages with ScienceBase content. This allows my pages to be filled with relevant content without changing the page directly. My website will stay current and useful as information is added to and changed in the Catalog.
  • As a Web developer, I can access a form that shows me the fields I can use to query a Web service to return XML or JSON formatted information from the ScienceBase Catalog.
  • As a user of ScienceBase applications, I don't want to have to wait until the next scheduled deployment to access a new version with the fix for a showstopper bug.
  • The “More Information” popup box no longer overflows the screen.
  • As a ScienceBase administrator, I can provide information about the different harvesters so that titles and descriptions can be linked as part of the provenance of individual records
  • As a ScienceBase administrator, I can create a new USGS person record without going through Lotus Notes.
  • As a ScienceBase user viewing records in the NDC context, I can view photos of rock cores as images connected to rock core records so that I can see a snapshot of what the core looks like.
  • As a scientist, I can now discover items in the USGS Library Field Records collection in the same way I find published reports and data resources so that I can request access to these materials for my research.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can view relationships between BASIS+ projects, tasks, and subtasks and click on them in Item Summary pages so that I can fully explore historic and current USGS work.
  • As a Geoscience Information Network engineer, I can access a Catalog Service for the Web interface from ScienceBase to query for and harvest items of interest to GIN so I can include data from the NGGDPP.
  • As a ScienceBase CSW user, I can access information about item contacts in the ISO19139 records returned by the service so I can find out about accessing items.

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.13

  • The most recent UCRB Mendely collection was harvested into the ScienceBase UCRB Virtual Catalog
  • The MultiHazards virtual catalog now uses the header from the MultiHazards web site, allowing seamless access to all of the MultiHazards web site
  • REST catalog and directory services were provided. This will allow a project website to integrate ScienceBase data components into the website at the application/code level.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I can download KML generated by an uploaded shapefile through the Catalog search interface.
  • As a user of ScienceBase-provided mapping services (catalogMaps app), I can access/resolve services using the UUID for applicable ScienceBase items in the URL so that I can always be accessing consistent "external identifiers".
  • As a ScienceBase CSW user, I see consistent references to URIs that resolve to the UUID for the item so that I am always using the identifier we want used for external interfaces.
  • UUID inserted into ISO records in GI-Cat does not match the actual UUID for the corresponding ScienceBase item.
  • As a ScienceBase forms user, I can specify one or more alternate titles as distinct data entities so that they can be more clearly used in the interface and as searchable data.
  • As a ScienceBase user, I can click through pages of browse link options on Context Summary pages so that the ajax sections load up quickly and I can still browse through all of the available options/filters.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can manage specific harvesting configurations to control how items come into the ScienceBase Catalog.
  • Bug resolved: Clicking on "<virtual catalog> Home" should not take you to the Global home context summary
  • Bug resolved: Saved searches were deleted when the Catalog application was restarted.

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.12 

  • The amount of data shown in the contact pop-ups was reduced to just a small amount of detail. Each popup now has a hot link to the Person Profile Page so you can get all of the information about this contact.
  • When you add a new item, you can now click helpful tool tips that explain each field of the data entry screens.  The text in the tooltips can be edited by a ScienceBase administrator.
  • As the ScienceBase Directory system owner, I can ensure that every person record has a corresponding organization record to help address Privacy Act requirements.
  • As an authorized Repository viewer, I can decide what folder options I want to start with.
  • As a ScienceBase Repository or Catalog user, I see a scale bar on the map.
  • As a ScienceBase user, the loading speed of the item summary page is greatly improved.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase folder writer, I can add Web Link type items to the Catalog so I can record important items for our community.
  • The version of JIRA provided as part of the ScienceBase suite has been updated to to 4.2.2.

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.11 

  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can move a dataset from the Drafts to the Provisional, or from the Provisional to the Published, folder.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can see the specific item type if available in the search results, info bubbles, and item summary pages to help me understand the types of items I am discovering.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can read about the purpose of item to know why it was created to determine the usefulness for my work.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can quickly skip several pages ahead in the record list, without having to click Next on every page.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I see an alphabetized list of saved searches by title so that I can more easily browse through longer lists of saved searches.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I can view information about a USGS employee's job series when available so that I can understand about the position a person holds or held in the past.
  • As an authorized ScienceBase user, I only see the WMS/WFS capabilities links for collection records when there are child items with geospatial references related to the collections.
  • As a ScienceBase item author/editor, I can specify the order of contact types as well as the order of individual contacts within each type. I can also specify a featured/highlighted contact from the list of item contacts for the Item Summary page and search results map Info Bubbles.
  • As a ScienceBase harvester writer, I can pass a full body field to the SB-API and have the Summary generated automatically so I don't have to supply the summary separately.
  • As a Web Services Team member, I can view Ag Practices projects from the transitioning Web site in the SB Catalog search interface so that we can evaluate the new way of getting to these records with stakeholders

Release Notes: ScienceBase 1.10

  • Support for the new organization codes established by the USGS was added; existing organizational records were migrated to the new codes. This important migration keeps the ScienceBase data in sync with the USGS community as a whole.
  • As a ScienceBase Directory manager, I can provide acronyms for organization records to assist in SB-API search and harvest operations. This allows members to apply the acronyms the community uses while providing the search capabilities for full and partial names that general users would apply.
  • As a ScienceBase item author/editor, I can specify which contact types should be displayed on Item Summary pages and Info Bubbles so I can customize the display appropriate to the content.
  • As a ScienceBase item author/editor, I can click buttons to save all changes and continue or view the record so that I don't have to click a button in each individual tab.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I can click anywhere outside an inline popup window to make the window go away so I don't have to find the little X to close the window.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I always see the primary display name for a person contact when there is a listing of the contact so that I see a consistent representation of a person's name.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I can access the catalog Party page for a person or organization contact from SB-Directory every time they are listed in a result so that I can find out more about the name.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I don't see the link to the /context/show/ pages so that I don't get confused with information I don't need to see.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I see consistent Info Bubble content so that I am not as confused in learning the interface.
  • As a ScienceBase Search user, I will not see the More at the end of summary in Item Summary pages unless there really is more to see.
  • As a ScienceBase user who can edit details for a context, I see a link to Edit Virtual Catalog in the menu when viewing a context so that I can go in and edit the details.
  • As a ScienceBase or myUSGS item editor using online forms, I can see a consistent list of names in appropriate pick lists for contacts showing full display name along with a link to more information about a person so that I make sure I pick the right one.
  • As a ScienceBase Catalog context manager, I can delete saved searches when necessary so that they no longer clutter up my context and show up for users under the context summary.
  • As a ScienceBase data manager I have a simpler way to create an item and have it automatically placed in a context.
  • As a ScienceBase context writer, I can add a title and description to saved searches to provide a label for clicking on and text to describe the search for users.
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