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In May, the CDI Tech Stack / ESIP Tech Dive partnership brought us the presentation "Leaflet Time Dimension", by Biel Frontera of SOCIB (Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System).

Leaflet.TimeDimension is a free, open-source Leaflet.js plugin that enables visualization of spatial data with a temporal dimension. It can manage different types of layers (WMS, GeoJSON, Overlay) and it can be easily extended. It meets some common needs, enabling web maps using observational and forecasting layers generated by a THREDDS server (via ncWMS), animating trajectories of drifters, gliders, follow a simulated oil spill, and other time dependent mapping applications.

My favorite quote from the webinar:

“In 5 minutes you can be experimenting with your own THREDDS server!”

(I think they may over-estimate the capabilities of people like me, but I do think it is possible.)

Click through on the image to see examples of animated Leaflet maps and the code that created them.

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