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The Connected Devices Working Group offers a venue for scientists and researchers who want to find out about technologies they can employ in their research. At the June Connected Devices Working Group call, Abigail Lynch and Bonnie Myers, from Climate and Land Use Change presented their idea for using a Citizen Science phone app to measure fisheries harvest in developing countries. This type of global data collection has not been accomplished before, and would create a very informative dataset. However, issues like data validation are important, especially when applied data like this can affect people's livelihoods.

Open Data Kit (ODK) was a possible technology for quickly building this type of data collection app. Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions. 

ScienceCache (pdf) was also mentioned as an app that could be looked at to see what features and capabilities are relevant.

Do you have a question about technologies you might employ in your research? Contact Tim Kern at to start the discussion!

Thom Miller gave an overview of Angular2/Ionic2/Electron2 for building web, mobile, and desktop apps from one set of Typescript components.

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