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Thursday, August 11, 2016. 12:00-1:30p Eastern Time

Peter Schweitzer and VeeAnn Atnipp Cross


Table of contents

Recording and Q&A

Download the Webex recording [.mp4]

Most of the recording consists of a demo using the links under the Web Resources section of this page.

Comments and Q&A for the 2016 Virtual Training: Reviewing Metadata

Goals, Background, and Scope

The new data release policies call for metadata to accompany data, which are available to the public when any interpretive reports or journal articles are published.  We anticipate that many people will be called upon to review data and metadata.

Here's what we want you to know at the end of this training:

  • How to do primary validation using mp
  • Basic review after primary validation
  • Examination of the data in conjunction with the metadata
  • The point is not to have good metadata, the point is to improve the integrity and quality of the research results produced by the USGS for the Nation.  The metadata should enable other people to use the data.

Example metadata will be provided; you can carry out the steps we demonstrate and discuss.

We assume you already know:

  • What metadata are for, in general
  • Why metadata are required
  • Generally what metadata look like (XML or indented text)
  • That this is not just about GIS, it's about all data

Some restrictions on our discussion:

  • We're dealing with CSDGM, not ISO metadata
  • We're not really talking about how to edit metadata
  • You will need to have the data in front of you, otherwise you really can't review the metadata
  • Keywords is a fascinating subject for a later presentation
  • Out of scope: the data release policy itself, where and how to release the data, potential misuse of data

We think we have more to say than time to say it in, so we regard this as the start of a longer conversation.  We plan to focus most on helping people get comfortable with the primary validation process and show them the most important parts of the metadata that they'll want to examine after that.  Then we'll briefly touch on how reviewing the metadata is really a part of reviewing the data.

Web Resources

The main resources we'll be using are

Post-training feedback

Help us improve future events by taking this 3 question survey.

Metadata Community of Practice

It would be good to have a community of practice for people who review metadata, so that the standards across the USGS are consistent. This way new people to this role can learn from people who are already doing this. The point of contact for questions is Fran Lightsom,

Sign up here if you are interested in future developments.