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Note from the CDI Coordinators: We are providing this information to illustrate one list of USGS Priorities, as mentioned in the FY17 CDI RFP Guidance (to be released September 14, 2016). To reach many of the links, you will need to have access to the USGS internal network.

What should we tell the next Presidential Administration about the USGS?

This memo was originally distributed on March 23, 2016.

At Suzette’s State of the USGS event earlier this month, she outlined her priorities for the USGS and considered how we will engage with the next Presidential Administration.

She wants that conversation to continue in the IdeaLab. If you missed the event, you can read the transcript on @theCore to catch up on it now, or stay tuned for the video recording later next week. And if you were present, please take a short poll to share your thoughts on how it went.

Director Kimball’s 2016 State of the USGS Priorities
  • Ensuring the security of our Nation’s water resources
  • Developing tools for protecting life and property from natural hazards
  • Assessing critical minerals
  • Detecting and controlling invasive species and biological threats
  • Advancing remote sensing and mapping tools
  • Engaging the world with our mission
  • Maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure
  • Planning and developing our workforce

Now It’s Your Turn to Weigh In
  • What are we going to tell the new Administration about the USGS?
  • What are we going to say about the critical societal issues we’re focused on?
  • What’s our value versus other government agencies, the private sector, or academia?


Your colleagues are already discussing how we should present ourselves to and engage with the next Administration! Click on an idea below to join the dialogue and vote for ones that will help us create compelling messages about the value of the USGS:


USGS: Your tool for data driven policy

USGS: The Best Deal in Town!

Can we ask, objectively: Are we right-sized for our Mission?


Other Ways You Can Play a Role

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