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Direct Comparisons of StreamCat vs. NAQWA using Python

Daniel developed a Python Notebook (see below, CompareAllocationFiles.ipynb) that compares allocation methods of StreamCat with those of NAQWA.  Comparisons including a direct count of records output per processing region, and identification of COMIDs with differing summarization values between the two methods.  Differences were defined as having greater than or equal to a difference of 0.01.  This was used to help avoid rounding errors.  Only three COMIDs were found to have different values, and these were rounding issues where the difference was of 0.01.  This supports that there is little to no difference between the two allocation methods.  Output is captured below.


Region 01: same number of records. StreamCat:65969  NAQWA: 65969      
Region 02: same number of records. StreamCat:126186  NAQWA: 126186
Region 03N: same number of records. StreamCat:132904  NAQWA: 132904
Region 03S: same number of records. StreamCat:55587  NAQWA: 55587
Region 03W: same number of records. StreamCat:135523  NAQWA: 135523
Region 04: same number of records. StreamCat:105850  NAQWA: 105850
Region 05: same number of records. StreamCat:170146  NAQWA: 170146
Region 06: same number of records. StreamCat:57643  NAQWA: 57643
Region 07: same number of records. StreamCat:183668  NAQWA: 183668
Region 08: same number of records. StreamCat:151545  NAQWA: 151545
Region 09: same number of records. StreamCat:29777  NAQWA: 29777
Region 10L: same number of records. StreamCat:196553  NAQWA: 196553
Region 10U: same number of records. StreamCat:256646  NAQWA: 256646
Region 11: same number of records. StreamCat:204121  NAQWA: 204121
Region 12: same number of records. StreamCat:68128  NAQWA: 68128
Region 13: same number of records. StreamCat:56221  NAQWA: 56221
Region 14: same number of records. StreamCat:83085  NAQWA: 83085
Region 15: same number of records. StreamCat:100244  NAQWA: 100244
Region 16: same number of records. StreamCat:95144  NAQWA: 95144
Region 17: same number of records. StreamCat:231699  NAQWA: 231699
Region 18: same number of records. StreamCat:140836  NAQWA: 140836
Region01 COMIDs with equal values:65968 different values:0
Region02 COMIDs with equal values:126185 different values:0
Region03N COMIDs with equal values:132903 different values:0
Region03S COMIDs with equal values:55586 different values:0
Region03W COMIDs with equal values:135522 different values:0
Region04 COMIDs with equal values:105849 different values:0
Region05 COMIDs with equal values:170145 different values:0
Region06 COMIDs with equal values:57642 different values:0
Region07 COMIDs with equal values:183667 different values:0
Region08 COMIDs with equal values:151544 different values:0
Region09 COMIDs with equal values:29776 different values:0
Region10L COMIDs with equal values:196552 different values:0
Region10U COMIDs with equal values:256645 different values:0
Region11 COMIDs with equal values:204120 different values:0
Investigate Region12 COMID:5706932, NAQWA_Precip: 47156.36 StreamCat_Precip: 47156.37
Region12 COMIDs with equal values:68126 different values:1
Investigate Region13 COMID:274990, NAQWA_Precip: 40834.07 StreamCat_Precip: 40834.06
Region13 COMIDs with equal values:56219 different values:1
Region14 COMIDs with equal values:83084 different values:0
Region15 COMIDs with equal values:100243 different values:0
Region16 COMIDs with equal values:95143 different values:0
Region17 COMIDs with equal values:231698 different values:0
Investigate Region18 COMID:22624482, NAQWA_Precip: 12379.55 StreamCat_Precip: 12379.54
Region18 COMIDs with equal values:140834 different values:1







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