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At CDI Meetings, the humble poster session is transformed into a DataBlast. (sometimes written as "Data Blast!" or "!!! Data Blast")


Browse DataBlast Abstracts

DataBlast Poster and Demonstration Session 

The DataBlast will be held at Building 41, in the USGS Library and Remington Arms Room.


For USGS Only

USGS abstracts and posters must undergo a separate review process (via IPDS) and receive official bureau approval. See 3 and 4 of Fundamental Science Practices.

  • Abstract Guidelines:

    • The abstract may be 200 words max.

    • For every author, list their name, institution, and email.

    • The abstract can report on a current or previously funded CDI Project.

    • The abstract can share an innovative approach or a project from an interested Community member.

  • Interactive Demonstrations

    • In addition to the posters, the DataBlast encourages interactive demonstrations of applications, tools, or other products that might be of interest to the Community.

    • WiFi access will be available. You need to bring your own laptop.

    • Note in your registration if you will need a table for the DataBlast.


If you would like to mail your poster ahead of time, please send to:

US Geological Survey
Attn: CSAS&L - CDI
PO Box 25046, Mail Stop 302
Building 810, Rm 2500
Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225 


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