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Please share your experiences and, if possible, upload any specialized checklists, review templates, etc. that you have created.

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  1. Water has policy requirements for data releases of numerical groundwater flow and transport models. Included in the supporting materials are guidelines for the data and metadata reviewers. We try to direct people to the data management web site for the latest metadata review info, but I am hearing from reviewers that they feel the learning curve is steep and they just don't think the process, requirements, or best practices are clear. (People really want a friendly GUI for generating and reviewing the metadata – and the OME interface in its current incarnation great but isn't quite what people are looking for because, for example, it doesn't display all the digform items in complex releases.)

  2. From CA Water Science Center Data Manager:

    Hi Alan and other metadata people,
    I supervise a data management group at the CA Water Science Center, We have implemented the use of these:
    Metadata review checklist 
    Data review checklist 
    Nothing earth-shattering there. It is really just a compilation of other checklists we found, including much of what is on the ones you shared here, but with some groupings and some features to make it conducive to completing it in a spreadsheet. We have the reviewer upload a completed version to IPDS. If you think it might benefit others, feel free to share it. It would likely be most useful for other WSCs. It is shared in view only mode for anyone with the link to access.