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CDI members coordinated the USGS participation in SciDataCon, a conference seeking to advance the frontiers of data in all areas of research, held in Denver in September 2016. Members of the CDI coordination team organized USGS participant interest in the SciDataCon theme of “Policy and Practice of Data in Research.” Madison Langseth and John Faundeen of CDI convened the session “Managing Science Data: A Federal Agency’s Perspective.”

The session had eight accepted oral papers and one poster. Due to the organization efforts of the co-convenors, 6 presentations were given by USGS representatives on the topics of the USGS Data Management Website, the CDI community, monitoring tools, trusted digital repositories, metadata management, and data management strategies. The session had over 50 attendees and helped to spread the word about USGS Data Management successes to the international scientific data community. 

Session: Managing Science Data: A Federal Agency's Perspective

USGS Data Management Website: Helping our scientists
pdf | html  
Michelle Chang, USGS A suite of online tools to document monitoring protocols, methods, and designs to promote data sharing and preservation
pdf | html  
Rebecca Scully and Jennifer Bayer, USGS
USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI): a community approach to managing science data
pdf | html  
Leslie Hsu, USGS
Developing Criteria to Establish Trusted Digital Repositories
pdf | html  
John Faundeen, USGS
Metadata Management Implementation in a Large Federal Organization
pdf | html  
Raymond Obuch, USGS
Getting started with data governance in a wide agricultural research organization: challenges, opportunities and ways forward
pdf | html  
Marcos Cezar Visoli, Debora Pignatari Drucker, Patricia Rocha Bella Bertin, Embrapa
Data management challenges in a distributed organization: What challenges we are facing at the USGS and how are we working to overcome them
pdf | html  
JC Nelson, USGS
Research Data Management at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Making Data Openly Accessible (poster)
Regina Avila, NIST
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