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At the April Virtual Monthly Meeting, six more FY16 CDI projects presented their outcomes to the community.

In addition, Peter Schweitzer presented on Cooperative distributed spatial search for scientific data.

A data management and visualization framework for community vulnerability to hazards, Jeanne Jones

This tool shows you how much time it would take to make it to safe ground should a tsunami be headed your way.

Birds and the Bakken: Integration of oil well, land cover, and species distribution data to inform conservation in areas of energy development, Todd Preston

GIS tools to integrate different types of data and quantify ecological effects of grassland conversion for energy development.

Integration of National Soil and Wetland Datasets: A Toolkit for Reproducible Calculation and Quality Assessment of Imputed Wetland Soil Properties, Eric Sundquist

Integrating data to produce a map layer of wetland types and soil carbon densities, with implications for carbon storage in wetland soils.

A web-based application for the management and visualization of land-use scenario data, Jason Sherba

Managing land-use datasets and quickly sharing results of models with researchers and the public.

Data Management Training Clearinghouse, Tamar Norkin

Browse and contribute to this registry for online learning resources focusing on research data management.

National Stream Summarization: Standardizing Stream-Landscape Summaries, Daniel Wieferich

Creating a “Steam”lined workflow to align disparate national stream summarization efforts.


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