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On August 10, 2017, as on each second Thursday of the month, CDI has a double-header with the Semantic Web Working Group and Tech Stack Working Group calls.

Mapping the CDI with SWWG

In the Semantic Web Working Group (SWWG) call, Madison and I brainstormed with the SWWG team on a conceptual model for a CDI Knowledge Base. Such a knowledge base would help us to visualize and query for connections between groups, projects, people, and other resources made available by the CDI.

Using the CMap tool, we had a fun conversation, led by Alan Allwardt and Dave Govoni, about a draft map and how we might take the next steps in using such a map. If you have ideas about such a map, don't hesitate to join in the conversation, you can email to reach us and learn more.

More notes are available on the SWWG meetings page.

Results of brainstorming so far. DRAFT!

Easier access to scientific data with ERDDAP - Tech Stack WG

On the Tech Stack call, Bob Simons, an IT specialist with NOAA’s Environmental Research Division, presented on ERDDAP.  ERDDAP is a data server that gives you a simple, consistent way to download subsets of scientific datasets in common file formats and make graphs and maps.

View the recording on YouTube.

ERDDAP was developed to address challenges in finding and downloading data to your favorite client software.

ERDDAP works with gridded and tabular data.

There are many different installations of ERDDAP, here is one with oceanographic data (e.g. data from satellites and buoys) and more information:

Fun fact: "ERDDAP" used to be an acronym (Environmental Research Division Data Access Program), but it outgrew that original description. Now, please just think of it as a name, not an acronym. (from the ERDDAP > Information page)

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