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1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, WA. Figure 11 from Lipman and Mullineaux, 1981; copyright Keith Ronholm, 1980, published with permission

Volcano Hazards Program

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Contact: Seth Moran

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Contact: Michelle Coombs

Volcano Disaster Assistance Program

Monitoring equipment being installed at Sinabung volcano,Indonesia as part of the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program. USGS photo by Christoph Kern.

Earthquake Hazards in the Pacific Northwest MegaProject (Earthquake Hazards Program)

Contact: Brian Sherrod

USGS scientists tour the construction site of the new Amazon campus in Seattle and learn how design features make the structure more resilient when shaken by earthquake waves. USGS photo by Joan Gomberg.

Earthquake Hazards in Alaska MegaProject (Earthquake Hazards Program)

Contact: Peter Haeussler

Geologists core marsh sediment in Sitkinak, AK to document vertical displacements associated large subduction-zone earthquakes. USGS photo by Rich Briggs.

Earthquake Hazards in the Caribbean, part of the CEUS MegaProject (Earthquake Hazards Program)

Contact: Rob Williams

Stray coral boulder transported by a tsunami on Anegada, British Virgin Islands, used to assess earthquake and tsunami hazards of the Caribbean. USGS photo by Brian Atwater.

Shoreline at Lhoknga, Indonesia, damaged by the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. USGS photo by Guy Gelfenbaum.

Coastal and Marine Geology Program

Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center 

Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center


Deep-seated landslide along Seattle’s coastal bluffs. Photo by L. Palmer, Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

Landslide Hazards Program

Seaside landslide triggered by the 2016 M7.8 Kaikoura, New Zealand, earthquake. USGS photo by Kate Allstadt

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