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Imagery provides valuable information about the processes, structures, and composition of the coasts and sea floor. The Coastal/Marine Hazards and Resources Program (CMHRP) houses expansive holdings of oblique aerial, sea floor, and drone imagery and videos. However, they are stored inconsistently, some in the CMHRP’s Video and Photograph Portal, but most within published reports and data releases in difficult-to-use formats (often as zipped archives).  Video data are often distributed in even less user-friendly formats.

To solve these challenges, CMHRP is creating a new centralized imagery database, the Imagery Data System.  It will include: (1) a database housed in the CMHRP trusted digital repository; (2) standards and procedures for data and metadata ingestion; (3) access restrictions for imagery flagged as provisional; (4) an API to provide imagery to CMHRP projects, including portals that present CMHRP science to external customers (e.g. CMHRP’s Coastal Change Hazards and Video and Photograph Portals); and (5) an internal interface to locate and download data files.

Science Support Framework Category: Science Data Lifecycle - Publishing/Sharing

Author(s): Seth Ackerman ( - Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center, Evan Dailey ( - Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, Heather Schreppel ( - St Petersburg Science Center, Peter Schweitzer ( - Reston National Center, Frances Lightsom ( - Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

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