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Thank you for participating in the 2019 Data Preservation Workshop! We had 63 attendees from 30 different states, Canada and USGS. We had 15 20-minute presentations, 30 lightning talks, fantastic tours of the School of Mines Geology Museum and Geology Trail, USGS Core Research Center and NSF-Ice Core Facility. From my calculations we collectively ate 34,529 kCal of candy! 

Based on your feedback we want to continue to support this network in our slack forum here: This network can also be supported by data preservation working groups, see below for more details. Attendees, please fill out this survey so we can improve future workshops! 

Community Participation

We encourage you to continue conversations from this workshop in the slack channel, Slack is a great platform to help share best practices, provide tips & tricks, ask questions, share news, etc. There are different ‘channels’ that we can create to help organize thoughts including: #general-topics, #datamanagement, #cms_phys (Collections Management Systems for physical materials), #rock-cores, #geophysical-logs.

We can do a webinar next month walking through its features, such as how to set notification preferences. Slack also has a ‘slackbot’ that describes many of its features.

Working Groups

We have two existing working groups (Core Repository and Data Management), which will have virtual meetings this fall. If you have particular topics you’d like to have addressed, please email us or post on slack. There was some discussion at the workshop for another group centered on developing best practices to communicate data preservation activities.

  • Core Repository Management - slack: #rock-cores
  • Data Management - slack #datamanagement
  • Data Preservation Outreach - How to promote/share data preservation activities to stakeholders? Continue discussion on #general-topics
  • Others, please suggest on #general-topics


Agenda for the workshop is here:  (2019 Agenda_9_20_2019.pdf), with a mix of presentations, field excursions, hands-on activities and social events in the 3 day workshop.

Rick _Langel_USGS_NGGDPP_2019.pptxDon_Sweetkind_Animation_1.mpgAnthoyRoth_ColoradoPresentation.kmz

Sky Bristol's NDC future presi

Sli.Do was a platform we used for getting live feedback from the audience including polls and questions and answers. Infographics related to these are published here and includes feedback on community and professional development resources. Polls-overall-Data Preservation Workshop.xlsx are also available which is a spreadsheet of all the responses.


We had 63 attendees from 30 states, plus Canada and USGS. Attendee list is available by request, email

2017 Workshop

At the last workshop in 2017 we had 60 attendees, 35 organizations (29 state geological surveys), and 21 plenary speakers presenting on topics including data management, database structure and development, web application development, scanning methods, data lifecycle, sample rescue, data and collection preservation, and public exposure of preserved assets. For reference, we have shared the 2017 presentations on the NGGDPP website. 

Follow up survey

We encourage attendees to fill out a follow up survey that will help us continue to develop visions for future workshops as well as the NGGDPP program. Please respond by October 11, 2019.


Please send any questions to, we're here to help!

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