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This focus group is no longer active, it was active in ~2011. See the DMWG Focus Groups page to access current and past Data Management Focus groups. 

Data Management Working Group - Policy Development and Review Focus Group

The Policy Development and Review Focus Group was formed in early 2011 to review existing USGS policies concerning data management, write new policies, and provide feedback to the Research Grade Scientist (RGE) and Equipment Development Grade Evaluation (EDGE) processes with regard to giving scientists credit for data management activities. 


  • Survey Manual Chapter 502.x – Fundamental Science Practices:  Metadata for Datasets and Information Products - Viv Hutchison, Terry D'Erchia, Carolyn Reid, Leads. Document in draft; Carolyn Reid (Office of Science Quality and Integrity) will present to Data Management Working Group during April or May meeting, seeking volunteer reviewers.
  • Survey Manual Chapter 502.x - Fundamental Science Practices:  Safeguarding Unpublished U.S. Geological Survey Data and Information
  • Survey Manual Chapter ??? - Release of Computer Databases and Computer Programs
  • RGE and EDGE Peer-Review Panel Process


Membership is open to anyone.  If you are interested in joining this focus group, please contact Terry D'Erchia ( and she will provide you with the Access Code. Simply enter the Access Code below and click Submit. You will automatically be added to the data policy focus group as well as the parent data management working group.

Lotus group:  GS CDI Data Policy Focus Group

  1. Terry D'Erchia (Co-Lead)
  2. Sally Holl
  3. Christina Bartlett
  4. John Faundeen
  5. Robin Fegeas
  6. Heather Henkel
  7. Viv Hutchison
  8. Scott McEwen
  9. Carol Reiss
  10. Liz Sellers


  • Proposed Charter to form a Data Release and Publishing Team. Created by Govoni and McEwen for CDI's 2010 Annual Workshop, but never presented. (Note: This was a bit of a non-starter, having been mandated by a manager 'from left-field', dutifully prepared, but then rather deliberately left unpursued.  DLG 03/15/11)
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