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Mobile Applications Development (MAD) is a focus group under the CDI Technology Stack Working Group (TSWG). The purpose of this group is to establish and promote best practices regarding mobile app development within USGS.

This community has been combined with the Connected Devices Working Group (CDWG). If you are interested in joining, please contact

MAD Member List
Lotus Group:  GS CDI Mobile Apps Developers


  • MAD, as a community of practice, will focus on being a learning environment and a forum for members to exchange ideas, promote coding and design best practices, and discuss technical and design issues.
  • MAD will facilitate collaboration among different groups and try to promote joint projects.
  • MAD will focus on working with vendors to gain insight into new technologies being developed.


The CDI Mobile Applications Development Working Group meets the first Thursday March 7 at 11am ET (10am CT/9am MT/8am PT/ middle of the night in Hawaii).

The Department of Interior and the USGS have approved the Mobile Framework workflow for releasing mobile applications. We need input on new workflows, volunteers to help with some of the facets of the technical review process, and opinions on ways to expedite the various processes.
The monthly call agenda is posted at MAD Meeting Agenda

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