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. Data Release and Publishing Team (DRPT) Charter


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Before embarking on creation of a formal charter, the question has to be asked:  Is there a need for such a formal team under the auspices of the CDI? What is accomplished by creating a formal team?

. Preamble / Introduction

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  • DRP roles: coordination/interaction/communication – how and for what specific purposes is TBD
    • Participate in the formulation of sound* policies
      • *meaningful, helpful, workable, coordinated/consistent (i.e., not contradictory)
      • take into account needs of USGS scientist community (e.g., RGE implications) while promoting – to the greatest extent possible – quick, open access
    • Facilitate
      • community interest and participation in policy development and implementation (e.g., through broader review and comment)
      • communication of policies
  • Linkages (the exact nature of which are also still TBD):
    • publishing support "network" (Note: Relationship needs to be clarified.  Is this to be regarded child of the DRP team or – more realistically – a mature peer "activity" that is loosely "sponsored" by the CDI, but which stands on its own"?)
    • Other potentially interested CDI communities and teams (e.g., Metadata Team)
    • SIEO-NSN (or successor); NBII - particularly KM/Library components
    • EPN (or successor)
    • FSP
    • "science advisory groups", science-strategy based data management and delivery, inter-agency, other science "communities" and "networks" (e.g., CEN, USNPN, USGIN, ...), or other data publishing loci that emerge from the impending reorganization.
    • Working groups loosely associated with or external to CDI, but with shared data delivery interests (e.g., AK Data Integration WG)
    • Any science program-based group (formal or informal) concerned with publishing generally and data DRP in particular
    • IM and Preservation communities
    • External Open Access community
    • ...


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  • Peter Lyttle
  • Randy Orndorff
  • Carolyn Reid - Policies Gatekeeper
  • Keith Kirk
  • Ed Swibas
  • Alan Allwardt
  • Rob Wertz
  • Kate Kase
  • Dave Govoni
  • Richard Huffine
  • Sky Bristol
  • Scott McEwen
  • Others ???


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  • inventory data publishing/release policies (existing and draft)
  • inventory and prioritize data publishing/release issues
  • evaluate current and proposed policies for
    • adequacy, thoroughness, inconsistencies, gaps, ...
  • identify issues requiring further attention arising from these evaluations
    • e.g., need for policy revisions, new policies or guidelines
  • propose solutions (to FSP, EPN, CDI, or whomever appropriate)

Selected References and Resources

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