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Via Web Reengineering - WRET we have access to Google Analytics Data Studio that provides website analytics data. What information about our users is and is not available? Can the information be customized? This is a an example report.

See report example -


    1. Thanks for letting me know. I put in a link to an example.

  1. Hi Urban-Mathieux, Brigitta, I have not yet used USGS WRET's version of Google Analytics Data Studio (and perhaps we can ask the WRET team about the available features and whether customization is possible, and post their response here). However, would it be helpful if I schedule a town hall/resource review to discuss how Google Analytics can help with user experience research? Thanks, Sophie. 

      1. Great! Thanks, Urban-Mathieux, Brigitta; I will tentatively schedule this as a resource review for March.

  2. At CDI today a presentation (by Herman-Mercer, Nicole M. ?) on Google Analytics DOI policy was mentioned. I cannot remember whether this was a past or an upcoming meeting? Regardless, would be great to include the policy in the Resource Review Hou, Chung Yi (Contractor) .  

    1. Hi Burnett, Jessica Leigh, that's a great suggestion. I will reach out to Nicole to find out more about the Google Analytics DOI policy and include it with the Resource Review that is currently scheduled for March. Thanks!

  3. Here is the DOI Policy list - From here, you can search for the Google Analytics term, and that will help you find the specific policy here:

  4. A resource review has been created and posted to address areas relating to this topic: