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In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is scheduled for retirement on January 27th, 2023. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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Prepared for Coordinators Meeting on November 30, 2018

Using features in the CDI Wiki 

"Wiki" "collaboration site" and "Confluence" will all refer to

Does one have to log in to see the Collaboration Area site?

No - most sections of the wiki are completely public.

Can I make parts of the Collaboration Area public vs have other parts require a login?

Yes. Certain sections are restricted either to the cdi-users wiki group or to other subgroups set up in confluence. You can set view and edit restrictions to any of these subgroups. If you feel that any of your content should not be open to the public, you have many options for restricting access. See the "lock" icon near the title of the wiki page for hints to the accessibility of pages. 

Can I point to the Collaboration Area from an external-facing USGS website?

Technically, no.

Can users access the Collaboration Area from GFE mobile devices?

Yes, like any other public webpage or log-in webpage. 

How hard is it to create a new Collaboration Area site?

It is very easy, you simply create a new page under the Collaboration Areas parent page. CDI facilitators can help to make sure it is somewhat standardized with our current pages.

Does CDI offer any kind of support for maintaining/troubleshooting a Collaboration Area site?

CDI facilitators (Leslie, Leah, and Madison, reachable by are happy to answer questions. is the official help for Confluence - they do not have much staffing but are another option for technical questions. You can try first. 

Can the title and purpose be easily changed or the working group deleted?

The purpose of your wiki site can easily be changed. We recommend not to change the title, as it changes a URL that some people may use (as long as you know, and try to use the persistent URL instead of the one that shows in the URL bar). The page can be easily deleted. 

CDI Calendar

CDI uses a Microsoft Outlook calendar that is under the user Unfortunately this is not accessible to those outside of Dept of Interior so we also maintain a Confluence calendar. 

How are these calendars maintained?

Usually Leslie sees announcements from the collaboration leads and updates the calendar. Previously, we allowed edit privileges to all coordinators, but this did not turn out well since Google Calendar are a bit confusing to manage. 

Challenge: sometimes I'm not sure of the status of an event the day or so before the event, sometimes I remove it from the CDI calendar. Is there a better way to keep the calendar up to date?

What if I want to manage my own calendar event?

You can! If you have your own calendar event, please share it with (put that email address on the guest list). The we will be able to add that event to our CDI calendar and when you update the event, it will automatically update in the CDI calendar. We suggest this method. 

Promoting your collaboration area on the CDI blog

The blog has been in hibernation since October 2020 due to staffing changes with CDI facilitation. 

Participating in the CDI RFP with your collaboration area (supporting a statement of interest)

Any other Q&A

Slido polling is a web-application that allows audience members to submit and upvote questions, and answer polls.

Basic use is free for less than 3 polls and if you don't export the text (you can copy and paste). You can just go to and sign up for a free account. This is what we use for our monthly CDI meetings.

You can purchase an event if you need more features - we do this for the CDI in-person workshops.

Setting up and monitoring group discussion forums

The Confluence site has a forum macro.


Bioinfo forum

Metadata Reviewers forum

CDI Community forum

We can help you set one up. You can "watch" the forum. You can set permissions so that only your sub-group can post. The default is that only cdi members can post to a forum in our wiki space, even if the public can view the forum.

List management

How would I go about inviting people to be part of the group? Will other group members be able to invite others? Can members send out email to the group or can this be managed?

CDI groups use USGS Mailman listservs. There is a separate page for Listserv information, under the Coordinators space. 


  1. Getting useful direction from the community, mostly we're lecturing at them
  2. Ensuring the group is getting the type of information they want/need to hear about, and stimulating discussion from the presentations.
  3. Getting people to speak up about what they want to hear about
  4. Where do you get your monthly topics from? How do you get presenters?

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