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Posted February 11, 2021

Job Description, located in Lusk, Wyoming

Supervisor, Niobrara County Weed & Pest Control District
P.O. Box 957
Lusk, Wyoming 82225

For more information, call: 307-334-3373. Applications can be emailed to

The Supervisor, will hereby act as Chief Administrator for the District and shall have the following general responsibilities and authority under the direction of the District Board of Directors. The duties listed are not meant to be all inclusive. This position is open until it is filled.

1. Job Summary: 

The Supervisor shall carry out the District’s programs in accordance with applicable Federal and/or State laws and regulations and policies of the District as adopted by the Board. The Supervisor shall be knowledgeable of all applicable Federal and State laws, rules and regulations that may be pertinent to the operation of the District.

2. Job Duties: 

The Supervisor shall oversee all day-to-day operations of the District as required or directed by the Board, including but not limited to:

A. Maintain property, equipment, office and chemical inventories;

B. Maintain accurate records of District activities pertinent to the general operations of the District;

C. Oversee bookkeeping and accounting duties;

D. Sell pesticides to the public and maintain records for the sale of Restricted Use Pesticides

E. Make label recommendations to the public for proper pesticide use and efficacy;

F. Select and mix sprays; store chemicals; apply chemicals while following strict safety precautions

G. Employ, supervise, train, and work with seasonal crews to ensure all rules and regulations are properly followed: instruct and train personnel in the proper use of equipment, chemicals, and work methods; ensure safety of all workers through proper education.

H. Maintain records on treatments and surveys of noxious weeds and pests within the District;

I. Inspect and certify forage fields as requested;

J. Use GIS mapping software to generate maps, presentation material, etc. in a GIS format,

K. Maintain all equipment, property, and buildings owned and operated by the District;

L. Perform other duties in and around the office/warehouse as necessary;

M. Maintain motor vehicle license, bondable and insurable status;

N. Prepare the annual budgets for Board and County Commissioner approval;

O. The Supervisor shall maintain status as a Certified Supervisor as prescribed by the Wyoming Weed & Pest Act and shall maintain status as a Certified Commercial Applicator;

P. The supervisor shall complete the NAISMA Weed Free Product Inspectors training

3. General:

A. The Supervisor is normally expected to work Monday through Friday. Hours of labor are according to need and the work to be done therefore may not be a customary 8-hour day and will be governed on a day-to-day basis.

B. The Board may limit the ‘scope of authority’ for the District Supervisor as they deem necessary from time to time. and such limitation will be made a matter of recorded action in Board Minute proceedings and added to the Supervisor’s Job Description/Contract.

C. The Supervisor may answer questions of fact asked by the news media but shall not offer statements of opinion, or issue press releases to the media without prior approval the Board.

D. The Supervisor shall be physically capable of operating 4X4 vehicles with trailer, fork lift, and ATV’s, loading and unloading shipments & sprayers, and carrying/operating a backpack sprayer.

E. The Supervisor shall have technical ability of plant and insect identification, sprayer calibration; understand pesticide labels and MSDS’s; understand legal applications such as Weed & Pest laws, pesticide laws and regulations; administrative, employment and fiscal regulations, etc.

F. The Supervisor should possess the basic computer skills necessary to operate QuickBooks accounting software, word processing skills, general knowledge of GIS mapping and other skills necessary for efficient computer function and use.

Experience: Specialized training in weed and pest control. Must obtain/have a commercial license and must become a certified Supervisor.

The employee in this position understands that they are an “at will" employee and employment may be terminated or suspended within the contract year for any reasonable basis but to include cases of insubordination, lack of work, or funding for the position.

Send applications to:

Niobrara County Weed & Pest Control District
P.O. Box 957
Lusk, Wy. 82225

Or email them to:

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