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Has anyone has successfully used Zymo's RNA/DNA Shield to preserve eDNA filters at room temperature, and has anyone experimentally tested, observing any differences in eDNA capture from those filters as compared to EtOH preservation? I'm looking through the eDNA literature and see very little information out there regarding this preservation reagent. I'm hoping to find an alternative to EtOH to ease shipping/storage logistics (and want to avoid Longmire's, CTAB, and RNA later). I do see a recent eDNA pub that uses Qiagen ATL lysis buffer for this purpose, but wonder about affects from "premature" lysis, so any feedback on Qiagen ATL would also be welcome. 

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  1. A suggestion was made to use silica beads. Seems like an ideal preservation technique! For folks interested in knowing more, you can see methods here: Based on the USFS NGC group (Missoula, MT) regarding silica: