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Thursday, April 15th

The National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) takes place during two separate weeks each year.

NISAW Part II is coming up soon with even more focus on state and local issues of significance. Partners are planning local events to remove invasive species. These events are meant to educate elected officials, decision makers, and the public on how they can help to stop the spread of invasive species and protect communities.

Coming soon! We'll have a map where you can add your local NISAW event.

There will be more webinars from May 17-21, 2021. Get registered below!


What is NISAW?

National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) is an international event to raise awareness about invasive species, the threat that they pose, and what can be done to prevent their spread. Representatives from local, state, federal, and regional organizations gather to discuss legislation, policies, and improvements that can be made to prevent and manage invasive species.
NISAW Part I focused on national and regional issues of importance. NAISMA held a series of virtual webinars Feb. 22-26 that reached more than 1,650 people. 


NISAW Part II Agenda:

→ GET THE TOOLKIT    This free digital toolkit provides fact sheets, articles, PSA templates, social media posts and more. Use these resources to spread the word and promote your local NISAW events.

NISAW would not be possible without the support from its sponsors:

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