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About the service

The USGS conference bridge GSTalk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A call can include up to 20 attendees, as long as they are not in use by other conferences at that time. If you need more, contact GS Service Desk to set it up on a per-event basis.

Conference call host accounts are assigned by user (contact GS Service Desk to sign up) and stay active indefinitely.

This service was announced in March 2011 on the USGS News blog.

Attending a call

  • Each participant must call the dial-in number:



    USGS Offices

    (703) 648-4848

    Toll-free (cell, telework, etc)

    (855) 547-8255

  • There will be a voice prompt asking for the 5-digit Conference Security Code followed by #
  • You will hear a tone after you enter # (confirming that you have successfully joined the conference call).
  • If you are not speaking, please mute your phone using *6 or your phone's mute button so that background noise (computer fans, keyboards, fire alarms, etc) will not interfere with the call.
  • Please do not put your phone "on hold" while attending a call.
  • As other participants log in, you will hear the same tone played as each one enters the call.
  • If you were not successful in joining the call, you will hear another voice prompt with instructions.
  • If you are disconnected for any reason, you may try again using the above instructions.

Control Codes

Some codes are only available to moderators (which join using the account moderator code).


Outward Dial


Conference Recording*


Conference Playback*


Audio Gain (on/off) (Equalize voice levels)


Lecture Mode - mutes everyone but the moderator (toggles on/off)


Mute your line (toggles on/off) (also enabled for attendees)

*96Mute all (like *5, but participants can unmute with *6)


Announces the current number of participants

#0List available commands (also enabled for attendees)
#1List connected participants (names)
#2Report number of participants

*Additional instructions recording and playing Reston Talk recordings can be found in the attached documentation

If you have any questions regarding the GSTalk Audio Bridge or if you experience any difficulties during your audio conference, please call the Telecommunications Center at 703-648-7110