September 28, 2017

Attendee’s: Michelle Guy ( );

Madison Langseth (

Andy Stauffer

Matt Gabriel

Karen Blaney

Leslie Hsu

Eric Martinez ( )

Blake Draper (

Scott Whitaker ( )

Robert Djurasaj ( )

Rob Miller ( )

Joseph Pantoga ( )





Phone: passcode 17803786

x4848 From the Reston National Center

703-648-4848 From other DOI locations.

1-855-547-8255 (855-5GS-TALK) From non-DOI locations including cell phones


Meeting Notes in Google Docs:





      Our CDI page:

      Software repository requirements and recommendations





      Code of conduct

      Software releases and DOI’s

      What to point a DOI at? only at release on a “tag” version?

      Credit for original authors, especially as we work in public domain? We can request, encourage, we cannot enforce.

      Seek help from office of Science Quality and Integrity

      Provide a recommended citation for users of our software.

     Where should we put this in our repositories? Maybe in Readme, and/or disclaimer, or or, include DOI of reviewed release, but what about of master/head (commit hash?), On release tags you can put comments, maybe include citations/DOI’s; Maybe DOI + commit hash or tag+commit hash

     Educate our community; Open source coffee talks with Cassandra Ladino on CDI; Research data alliance meeting talked about citations ( Software Source Code Interest Group , notes from meeting last week , Leslie is on their email list and will try to make the useful connections between groups); What else is community doing? Cut a tag and site the tag. Look at github themselves

     Do citations yourself

     Follow examples where relevant, if possible: (Digital Object Identifier process may vary for USGS model, but this may provide a template)

     Tracking downstream use of software products efficiently may also be worth considering. ( , )

     There are many ways to get a DOI for software, there’s a Github best-practices page about this: ( )

     Varies per software project

      Should be moved to Who has “authority” to answer? (Eric Martinez)

      soon to migrate to CHS (cloud hosting services) which aside from small downtime will be seamless to users

      Unauthenticated users can only see “public” projects which will be publicly released projects

      Reviewed/Released projects with DOI’s will be sync’d from (this does not include projects under “individual” accounts on github)

      Can do internal projects (AD authentication to USGS) - default

      Can do private projects with access list essentially

      Establishing a governing body - if you want to help email