November 30, 2017


Phone: passcode 17803786

x4848 From the Reston National Center

703-648-4848 From other DOI locations. The Networx voice contract provides reduced long- distance charges.

1-855-547-8255 (855-5GS-TALK) From non-DOI locations including cell phones



Michelle Guy

Blake Draper

Rob Miller

Leslie Hsu


Goals to help guide how this group might collaborate and benefit from each other , (in order of priority and likelihood):

   + Share awareness of what is going on (software efforts, tool exploration, best practices, metadata standards)

   + Share lessons learned

   + Share configurations (software, tools, architectures, ...)

   + Share data, services, and/or maybe even code


Scope/Context (?)

       Practices (e.g. agile, mvp, …)

       Tools (e.g. github, jenkins, puppet, postgres, containers, …)

       Developed Software (e.g. mapping library, data distribution, time series data processing, time series data rendering, algorithms, web services, database schemas,

       Cloud integration

       Request for skills/developer time




      Practices (e.g. version control, development work flow, reproducibility (CI\CD), containers (e.g. docker), …)

      Show your work (spread awareness, get feedback)


      USGS Software Release Process