CDI Software Development Cluster

Meeting Notes

January 25, 2018

GSTalk - online collaboration :   meeting ID: 529776

Phone : passcode 529776


703-648-4848 From other DOI locations. The Networx voice contract provides reduced long- distance charges.

1-855-547-8255 (855-5GS-TALK) From non-DOI locations including cell phones

Meeting Notes in Google Drive: Shared Google Drive Folder:



Email (if you are new)

Michelle Guy

Blake Draper

Rob Miller

Karl Haase

Scott Lewein

Laura DeCicco

Mary Bucknell

Leslie Hsu

Carl Schroedl

Lauren Privette

Colin Talbert

Eric Martinez

Tamar Norkin

Cassandra Ladino

Dennis Walworth

Drew Ignizio

Madison Langseth

Eric Everman

Hans Vraga

Jeremy Newson

Nick Estes

Tom Burley

Leon Foks

Rhonda Davis


Zackary Moore




     Example software release  (slides)

     Michelle’s Shared Summary of USGS HPC/HTC Workshop January 2018

     Core sciences HPC (Yeti)

     Advanced Computing Cooperative (Janice Gordon )

     Last working group meeting notes:

     USGS EDGE (Equipment and Development Grade Evaluation) program (Exhibit B-*)

     Open mic, what do you want to talk about?

     Next Month: Rob Miller will be leading a discussion on 508 compliance - his challenges and examples. We will open it for everyone to share their stories, thoughts, successes and failures.




Other possible documentation/guidance for code review: