CDI Software Development Cluster

Meeting Notes

February 22, 2018

GSTalk - online collaboration :   meeting ID: 529776

Phone : passcode 529776


703-648-4848 From other DOI locations. The Networx voice contract provides reduced long- distance charges.

1-855-547-8255 (855-5GS-TALK) From non-DOI locations including cell phones

Meeting Notes in Google Drive: Shared Google Drive Folder:



Email (if you are new)

Michelle Guy

Blake Draper

Cassandra Ladino

Rob Miller

Joseph Pantoga

Mary Bucknell

Robin Tillitt

Tom Burley

Fran Lightsom

Carl Schroedl


Dennis wAlworth

Jeanne Jones

Madison Langseth

Lindsay Carr

Colin Talbert

Matt Arsenault

Scott Lewein

Shannon Watermolen

Daniel Naab

Greg Gunther

Justin Hoegenauer

Shayne Urbanowski

Hans Vraga










     Welcome and announcements(Blake/Michelle)

     Please fill in name and email in the attendees table

     Welcome Cassandra Ladino, joining Michelle and Blake as leaders of the Software Dev Cluster

     We have created a form for submitting presentation proposals for future Software Dev Cluster meetings

     USGS software management best practices information site (Cass)

    508 Compliance for websites/web applications: Challenges and Approaches

     Open mic, what do you want to talk about?

     Next Month: EDGE Program Presentation from Chris Johnson.