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April 25th, 2019 @ 3:30PM ET / 1:30PM MT

Topic: Topic: Building Connections and Desktop Installers/ Code Signing

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Today’s Presentation -


     Welcome and announcements

     Please fill in name and email in the attendees table

     We are still always looking for topics, and your input and participation!

     We have created a form for submitting presentation proposals for future Software Dev Cluster meetings

    CDI bison connect google calendar of all the collaboration area meetings and events - name is “GS CDI” owner is (Also accessible Calendar wiki page or the Google Calendar link . )

    We’re opening up a new opportunity to become a co-lead! Submit your name by May 17th:

    Building Communities

     We want to kick off a new series to showcase various development teams and encourage collaboration.

    Desktop Installers

     We had a lively email conversation about desktop installers and we will discuss further today. Poll

    Open mic



     Lessons learned?

     Fun projects under way?

     Next Month: ?





     Folks do like receiving announcements, informational resources, and questions by email and slack posts. Sorry, we don’t have an email group short name, go to CDI Confluence page and copy/ paste email list.

     Is there a national event that we can adopt and piggie back on? I.e. Python or Java Day?

     Virtual Expo idea could work, record 3 minute lightning talk and make the resources available on youtube, google drive, or confluence

     Dedicate a monthly meeting to CDI RFP Brainstorming, what are the top challenges/ priorities. Follow up with an RFP “hackathon” or lightning talk round table presentation of proposals.

     Dedicate a few monthly meetings to a youtube video series, 15 to 30 min each. Watch during call and discuss.

     Dedicate a monthly meeting to a code challenge

     Lightning talk round table at CDI Workshop

      Desktop Installers/ Certificates

      DOI HTTPS Intercept Solution Notes

      this is s resource where you can get updated USGS SSL Certificates at  

      For clarity, the expiring certificates are not the DOI root certificates (or CA), but rather the wildcard regional certificates you might be using to host your SSL websites.




      Also, maybe you use a site-specific cert or other cert. Bottom line, be aware when your certs expire and be pro-active.

      Common pain points:

     Everyone struggles with Certs, some automated processes but mostly manual

     Server side certs expire every year

     Not clear where to find new cert

     Different for every software package, can take up to a week or two to complete