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September 26nd, 2019 @ 3:30PM ET / 1:30PM MT

Topic: Databases and Beyond!

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Database Deep Dive | S1 E1 – How to Choose the Right Database for the Job”  


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     AWS Database Freedom Project

     Mentioned in here

     Database Scenarios

     Michelle - presentation

     Moving from “free” proprietary (funded enterprise tools) when enterprise support ends is always a challenge.

     Try to stick with universal SQL verses customized SQL for specific databases.

     Pubs moving to postgres and Water Quality portal is moving to the cloud. Stored procedures is a big pain point.


     Jeremy will present will present a scenario

     Overview of AWS databases and community discussion

     Hazards, earthquakes, real time data infrastructure, internal and public side. Public side has been working great, but is starting to show it’s age, had a big traffic spike in July, and site partially crashed because the database could not keep up with concurrent requests. Working on standing up AWS aurora because it scales really well with traffic spikes, hope to stand up by the end of the year.

     Postresql, Oracle, SQLServer, Mysql/Aurora, Redis, mongoDB, Redshift,

     Message queue technologies, increasingly important in microservices and DevOps development.

     Postgres support contracts? Most groups doing it on their own.

     Please feel free to email questions, feedback or ideas to the meeting co-leads: michelle - ; jeremy - ; cassandra

     Next Month: Databases (Oracle, Postgres, do you have others?) and Datastores (redis, others?)




      If anyone is currently using Kafka, I’d love to see a presentation on that. (Jeanne Jones)