Project Topic TasksResources RequiredDeliverablesBenefits to USGS ScientistsIn-Kind Funding ProvidedTotal Funding Requested
USGS Citizen Science WorkshopPlan workshopProgram Committee: 10 FTE (8 hrs/week for 18 weeks * 10 = 1440 hours) (in-kind)Citizen Science Workshop held at the Denver Federal CenterGreatly expand data collection potential by harnessing citizen scientists. Citizen scientists can provide a broad geographic 'sensor network' beyond our scientists' reach.$39,329
Conduct workshopOn-site staff logistical support: 5 FTE for 3 days (in-kind)USGS researchers made aware of internal and external citizen science projects and their potential value to non-participating research programsCreating increased exposure and recognition for USGS CS projects within the larger scientific community, not just in their local Science Centers.$1,485
Snapshot of status of citizen science research within the USGS/DOI Agencies and partnersActively building community and collaborations through this new forum for information exchange (CSWG). Improved community building allows scientists to leverage and benefit from the work of others.
Action plan for future directions in citizen science research within the USGS/DOIImproved connection between scientists utilizing CS research, provide a forum for exchanging expertise & experience - mutual improvement among USGS/partners
Workshop documentation (see below)Understanding and sharing of strategies, processes, workflows for involving citizen scientists, human infrastructure to USGS research.
Increased awareness of citizen science activities within USGS/DOI and partner agencies; workshop report can be distributed to other agencies to raise awareness outside the DOIThe workshop will compliment Director McNutt's rumored Volunteer Science Month - April 2012 (?), DOI's Youth in the Great Outdoors program, and the White House's America's Great Outdoors
Collection and sharing of best practices (for inclusion in future online handbook or other similar guidance documents)Engagement among representatives and input from USGS, partners, other DOI bureaus (such as Chief of Visitor Services, National Parks Service, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Proposed guidance on Crowd-sourced Citizen Science relative to USGS Volunteer HandbookProvides an opportunity to create new partnerships and connections for future collaborations.
WebEx participation from virtual participantsAccess to Workshop outputs (Preliminary report, Final Workshop Report, Website with knowledgebase)
Presentations from outside perspectivesAs a result of breakout sessions and discussions, develop action plans guiding future CS research within the USGS.
Travel funds for invited speakers (2 plenary) and funds for invited speakers in need of financial assistance (3) Provides presentations and knowledge transfer to USGS/partners from other large, successful citizen science programs.Increased understanding and support of USGS/partner Science from the general public and citizen scientists who are engaged in USGS/partner research. Builds trust and educational opportunities between government and the public.$10,000
Cost of attendance by participantsFlight, lodging, Meals & Incidentals, Car rental/shuttle (approx. $1000/ea)$35,000
Cost of attendance by workshop planning committee members (10)$4,000$6,000
Cost of attendance by logistics planning team members (5)$5,000
Poster session/posters15 posters$2,250
Funds to host event (at Denver Federal Center)$0
Coffee/snacks during meeting$700
Distributed MaterialsName tags, folders, agendas, abstracts, list of participants, etc.$700
Prepare workshop materials (products) for publication0.1 FTE/$ (12 months) for compiler/editor (from CSWG)Citable USGS-series (Open File Report (OFR) or Scientific Investigations Report (SIR)) workshop report to include, e.g., extended talk and poster abstracts, presentations, white paper(s), and breakout session and general meeting notes$5,700
Publish workshop reportEPN services to edit, produce, and post on-line only publication$12,000
Set up & populate USGS Citizen Science website (extranet).05 FTE/$ TBD to set-up/host website (~100 hours)Website to preserve and share outputs from workshop as well as topical knowledgebases such as project inventories or registries, bibliographies, best practices, project design, data collection and management protocols, lessons learned, and future information products and knowledge developed or accumulated by the CSWG and partners.$2,731
Report out findings at large National science meeting, e.g., the Participatory Science for Conservation Conference (PSCC) Conference held in conjunction with the Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland Aug 4-5, 2012Travel funds, lodging, registration, m&iePresentation of findings to 2012 PSCC Conference/ESA Meeting$1,500
Presentation of preliminary findings to 2012 CDI Annual Workshop