BldgRoomFeeDimensions (Entry first)Seating ConfigurationNumber ofAnalog Phone Jack?Internet Jack?ContactVisitor / Nearest EntranceComments
Confer- enceClass- roomTheaterTablesChairs
20Foord Conf Room (B-1409)No62x27/35=1800150?12+125ConfigConfigW-3/E-8Divides into 3 rooms
20Twedo Conf Room (B-1207)No1634
25GSA Lecture Hall, NE CornerNo81120USGS has own jackUSGS has own jackKen Meister, 6-8000 x5340 303-345-8613 (cell) Alt: Kevin McKenna, 6-8000 x0E-14
53Aspen Conf Room (H-1937C)No10Joyce Wolff
53Columbine Conf Room (H-1927B)No25
53CRSO Conference RoomNo25PolycomYesDarlene Puhr, 6-1450
53John B. Weeks RoomNoCathy Rubin, 6-5021
53Mesa VerdaNoNPolycomYes60" flat panel & PC
53NTC Earth RoomYes32n/aYesGloria Armstrong, 303-445-4676W-4
53NTC Hazards RoomYes32n/aYesW-4
53NTC Hydro RoomYes32n/aYesW-4
53NTC Ocean RoomYes32n/aYesW-4
53NTC Polar 1Yes12n/aYesW-4
53NTC Polar 2Yes12n/aYesW-4
53NTC Eco RoomYes10n/aYesW-4
56BOR25Tara Hough, 303-445-2080May require BOR participation to use
67BOR Rio Grande50100
67BOR Colorado20Polycom
67BOR Platte15
67BOR Trinity25
95WRD Lab Conference RoomNoBarbara Kemp, 6-3502
810Auditorium (Hay + King + Pow)No39x60=234020030 totalPolycomConfigAmanda, 303-236-1969W-5Wireless audio
810 Hayden (2008)No39x20=78032406010YesConfigW-5Windows. 6x7 screen
810 King (2000)No39x20=78032406010YesConfigW-5Middle room. Stage. 10x8 screen
810 Powell (2004)No20x39=78032406010YesConfigW-5Interior room. 6x7 screen
810CR OC Challenger Room (2607)No28x22=61625n/an/a1 Conf20PolycomYesTammy Sharp, 2-4759S-13 / W-3TV/VCR
810CSS, CSI Confence Room (9202)No20x16=32011n/an/a1 Conf11PolycomIntranetJenny Roberts, 2-4616S-13 / S-1160" flat panel & PC
810NGTOC/NSDI Conf Room (3047)No18x?n/an/a1 ConfPat Hoff, 2-4442W-5flat panel
810RMGSC, Discovery RoomNo4010YesYesLisa Scales, 2-4304W-5
810FBMS Training FacilityLori Rice, 2-4052Computer-equiped
810CRC Lecture HallNo60?Lrg tbls80?, 2-4851S-29Hours: 8a to 4:30p
810CRC Conference Room/LibraryNo10251, 2-4851S-29Hours: 8a to 4:30p
Contact Tim Lee and Buster Keaton to insure phone and Internet (or Intranet) connections are configured and working.
Contact Ben Kelley for USGS Audio System