PAGER 2.0 Software Release

Review Reconciliation Report




The latest version of the PAGER code can be found here:


The DOI for this release can be found here:


The PAGER code was reviewed by

1)      Eric Thompson, as subject matter expert with a focus on validating the logic, test results, and outputs, as well as the code in general.

2)      John Patton, as a peer review with a focus on software development best practices and security and PII check.


A list of GitHub issues created by the reviewers and/or that I created from their email comments is included below. These issues have all been addressed and closed with fixes, or in one case (#158), put off until an additional feature in ShakeMap has been implemented.


Eric Thompson’s comments :

Most of Eric’s comments had to do with documentation and code readability problems.  See the issues list below for details on these and their resolution.


John Patton’s comments :

  1. Add new best practice files to repository (see Issue #171 below)
  2. Remove potentially real email address from documentation (see Issue #172 below)


In addition to dealing with the comments from reviewers, a number of other small improvements and bug fixes were implemented, and reviewed, for this release.


PAGER 2.0 Software Release

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Thompson, Eric <>

Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 7:34 AM

To: Mike Hearne <>




I reviewed the reconciliation document and everything looks good to me. Please use this email as my signature for the routing sheet since I am out of town.





Eric M. Thompson

U.S. Geological Survey

Golden, CO