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BioData Support Home

Welcome to the USGS BioData support pages. This guide will help you find out what the system is and how to use it.


Learn about BioData  (warning) Restricted Access - Under Construction
Get an overview of the system functions, find out how BioData can meet your needs, and link to the Fact Sheet.

BioData Retrieval

Using BioData Retrieval (warning) Restricted Access - Under Construction

  • Find out what data are available in the BioData Retrieval system;
  • learn how to retrieve data;
  • read "Tip Sheets" to make your searches more efficient
  • discover Power User features; and
  • find web services.


BioData Lab Handbook
The BioData "Lab Handbook" has information especially relevant for laboratories that will be delivering (uploading) taxonomic identification and enumeration results to BioData. The Lab Handbook provides information about how laboratories use BioData, the data that laboratories download to support sample processing, and requirements for result data sets that laboratories upload to the System.

BioData Input and Technical Support (including Field Data Sheets)

BioData Input and Technical Support

  • Hints to help USGS scientists quickly using the system and Power User features for experienced users.
  • Field Data Sheets. Updated forms that help facilitate BioData data entry

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