The projects listed below are proposed projects that have not yet found a funding source or some way to get officially started. Proposals generally bubble up through the efforts of CDI working groups that identify needs, come up with a plan on how to proceed, and submit the proposals through working group facilitators for consideration in the community. The procedures for the proposal process are still being worked out within the community, and updated information will be made available in the wiki.

Proposed projects should have a start page created by clicking Add > Page from this page. Give your project page a working title that people will recognize. You can also use the excerpt macro in Confluence to specify a sentence or two that will summarize the project for listing on this page and elsewhere. The listing below shows the most recently modified project pages first.

Proposal Ranking Criteria (from ppt at the 2011 Workshop)

  • Deliver immediate benefit to solve an existing data integration challenge.
  • Create an infrastructure that can be leveraged.
  • Demonstrate a methodology and/or solutions architecture that can be repeated/replicated for other data.
  • Create an environment that allows future innovative applications to access USGS data.
  • Tangible deliverables implemented by July 31, 2012
  • Can be done without additional funding
  • Advances scientific data infrastructure
  • High contribution to interdisciplinary scientific decision-making
  • Highest benefit to the most scientists


Still have questions? Some of these might help.

Successful proposals in the past have reflected a clear contribution to the CDI's goals of building capacity, framework, and services that aid a broad cross-section of scientists and researchers in their pursuits to manage, integrate, and share data as they conduct multi-disciplinary science.