Community for Data Integration (CDI) DataBlast

July 17-18, 2012

USGS Clarence King Memorial Library, USGS National Center, Reston, VA

The Community for Data Integration (CDI) is a dynamic aggregation of multiple communities of practice, focused on the advancement of scientific data and information management and integration capabilities across the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).  On July 17 and 18 some of the many representatives from across the USGS who participate in the CDI were here in Reston to showcase examples of CDI-supported projects and the science data management and integration products that have resulted from them.

Kevin T. Gallagher (Associate Director, Core Science Systems) and Unknown User ( (Director, Office of Science Quality and Integrity), Executive Sponsors of the CDI invited the Executive Leadership Team and USGS staff in Reston to visit the CDI DataBlast to meet and talk with our scientists, view their posters and try out some of the live demos! Visitors to the event had the opportunity to learn how USGS science benefits from CDI-supported projects and find out how they can participate in the CDI!

CDI products that were highlighted at this event included the following best practices, tools, and technologies:

U.S. Geological Survey Community for Data Integration:  A Foundation for Sharing Science

PresenterGallagher, Kevin T., Associate Director, Core Science Systems, Reston

Co-authorUnknown User (, Director, Office of Science Quality and Integrity, Reston


National Water Information System (NWIS) Web Services Snapshot Tool for ArcGIS

PresenterUnknown User (, Texas Water Science Center, Austin


The Geo Data Portal: A “Big Data” Broker for Environmental Modeling Application:  Hydrologic Modeling of Downscaled Climate Projections in the Great Lakes

Presenter:   John Walker, Research Hydrologist, Wisconsin Water Science Center, Middleton

Co-authorDave Blodgett, Center for Integrated Data Analytics (CIDA), Middleton


Sharing Science – The CDI Data Upload, Registry, and Access Project

PresenterKern, Tim, Fort Collins Science Center, CO


Science for a Mobile World – Support for The Mobile Ecosystem

PresenterSchmid, Lorna A., Administration and Enterprise Information, Reston

Co-authors:  Daniel Pearson, Texas Water Science Center, Austin; Unknown User (, Core Science Analytics and Synthesis, Honolulu 


Semantic Technologies for Integrating USGS Data

Presenter  Lightsom, Frances L., Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center, MA

Co-authorJanice Gordon, Core Science Analytics and Synthesis, Colorado


A USGS Website to Support and Enable Better Science Data Management

Presenter:   Unknown User (, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, FL

Co-authorViv HutchisonHutchison, Vivian B., Core Science Analytics and Synthesis, Denver