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This page provides guidance on how to review data.

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See also DRAFT - What is a BioData Project and How do I get one? to learn more about the role of Projects in BioData and how to request a Project

See also

What the Project Profile does

§Identification, Ownership, Access (Header)
§Identification: Name, Label,
§Ownership: Science Center, Owner
§Access – Editing rights: Owner, Staff
§Program, Cooperator
§Lab order and ASR information
§Future: enhancements to make data entry more efficient

Project Profile Page

1.Project Header (includes Abstract
2.Special Project or Program Information
3.NWQL ASR defaults
4.Default BioData Lab Order Information

Project Header

§Name, Label,
§Science Center, Owner
§Access – Editing rights
§Owner, Staff

The Abstract

Special Project or Program Information


NWQL ASR defaults


Default BioData Lab Order Information


How to Access the Project Profile