The BioData Data Management System:

  • Can be accessed using only a web browser - no programs to install
  • USGS scientists can login using their active directory password - no BioData password is required
  • Easy sample management and organization by project
  • Gives projects control over data entry and editing rights
  • Provides an on-line interactive data entry system with "on-the-fly" data validation, drop-down lists, checkboxes, and data entry tables
  • Has a built-in help system
  • Incorporates auto-saving - data is securely saved upon data entry
  • Provides data review and quality indicators to help users find and fix data problems
  • Allows creation of custom project and sample codes - for your use in your projects
  • Allows for electronic transfer lab orders (i.e. ASRs), saving and printing of NWQL ASR forms, shipping manifests, and container labels
  • Provides for batch upload of lab results with data-validation and email notifications
  • Allows labs to login to view and download lab orders, and upload taxonomic identification data sets

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