Can I Use BioData Today? A Checklist...

Review this checklist to see if we can create a Project for you today!

  1. (tick) I have a UserID enabled in the BioData system...
  2. (tick) I'm collecting samples at NWIS stream sites or I can create them...
    1. All Samples must be at an NWIS site. BioData supports all NWIS sites with site type of Stream or Spring.
  3. (tick) I'm using sampling methods/protocols that BioData supports...
    1. Presently BioData supports samples collected with protocols of the USGS National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) program and the US EPA National Rivers and Streams (NRSA) program.
    2. We hope to support more sampling methods and site types in the future.
  4. (tick) I'm using a lab that is set up in BioData with supporting procedures...
    1. We will work with labs to get them set up in the system

Is BioData the right choice for me?

BioData is an Internet database application for managing, storing and distributing USGS aquatic bioassessment and monitoring data. It is available to any USGS scientist and provides national support for data input, editing, review, and storage. BioData supports community-level fish, macroinvertebrates and algae samples as well as physical habitat data collected from streams and rivers.

BioData is....

  • An authoritative source of USGS data
  • An online data archive
  • Three applications – Input, Public Retrieval, Internal Retrieval
  • Accessed with a web browser and Internet connection

If you are interested in:

  • Managing your Project's data in BioData - Read on!
  • Managing data in an existing BioData Project - Contact us and ask to have your UserID enabled

What's next?

Contact us and tell us you are ready

After you contact us...

The BioData team will
  1. Give you login access by enabling you regular desktop UserID
  2. Create your project
  3. Work with you to get your lab set up to deliver data to BioData (this takes time)
You will
  1. Complete your Project Profile
  2. Add staff to your project
  3. Start entering data