Creating a community sample is simple:

Once a sample is created, users can:

  • Edit Community Samples (Fish, Invertebrate, Algae)
  • Create Lab Orders (Invertebrate, Algae)
  • Enter fish taxonomic results (Fish)

NEW User-specified Fish and User-specified Invertebrate Data Entry Forms:

  • data entry forms support a wider variety of protocols and require the user to choose a "Sampling Method Reference"
  • User-specified Invertebrate (IGEN) includes support for artificial substrate sampling
  • if you don't see the protocol you are using listed, please Contact Us


Step 1: Click the 'Create New Community Sample' button

Step 2: Enter: Site - Collection Date - Start Time (optional on this screen)

Please see Data Entry Tips for help adding sites

Step 3: Select "Create" from the Actions column

  • HINT: The Create button will not appear until at least a Site and Collection Date have been entered